• Totally amazing, more than twice the max my sorry butt has ever done. 😯

    Congratulations Baker, great race! (looks like they pulled the realtime results, I saw Baker at 17K with about a 2 hours to go.)

    Are we going to see ya in the Powderkeg?

  • Thanks for the info, count me in for a tour at least one of the days (may have to work on Saturday).

    The Powderkeg is that same weekend, probably a good idea to line up some of the faster splitters to compete. I heard a splitter placed in the top 10 of the race division at whistler (9th) + you get to ride Alta inbounds during the season! Not to…[Read more]

  • ML replied to the topic F@*& YA! in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 16 years, 5 months ago

    Good job BCR! Checked the site out last spring., seemed like it was in the “foundation” building stage (only a cover page). Glad to see it’s up and running!

  • ML replied to the topic Flagpole Peak 11-5-04 in the forum California 16 years, 5 months ago

    Nice early season outing! Good to see BCR’s picturesque TRs still going, keep up the good work.

    What kind of dog is Buddy? He looks alot like my shepard/lab (+ I believe a dose of husky), Ginger. Great dog for the snow! She once spent the evening at 9000′, other than the “where have you been” look on her face the next morning none the worse…[Read more]