• Have you tried this place?


    It’s run by the guys who run the ‘piste to powder’ school in St Anton..

    not sure what your budget is, this place is not ‘cheap’ but it’s not skyhigh prices (given you are in Norway) and everything is provided.

    I have not been with them – but friends of mine have and had an awesome time,…[Read more]

  • Have made the change to the bindings from ‘small’ to ‘large’ re boot size (back section of base plate unbolted and slid forward), and now there’s not a chance these climbing wires are going to snap into the ‘heel lockdown’ mode, there’s about another 1cm needed….and I can’t see where that’s going to come from.

    Will post some pics shortly., when…[Read more]

  • Thanks,

    1. Yup, after messing around realised I need to get a ‘key’ to unscrew the bold from the underside of the board, then can screw the bolt through the threaded hold in the clip.

    2. Is as far forward as it will go, but still needs to move about mm further forward… Will leave it for now and see if ‘settles’ in…

    Quick question – is there…[Read more]