• Hey All- Started playing around with hard boots on the split this year. I normally ride a stance of -8 in the back and +15 in my front foot with soft boots. I was wondering if anyone has found that they need to switch their stance with hard boots? I was thinking of bringing my back foot closer to zero? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I lost half of my Khyber last spring so I grudgingly dug out my less-favored circa 2005 Burton S-series 162cm backup this season, and had a rekindled appreciation for it. Not sure why the tail/tip clips would be more prone to detach on an S Series, hasn’t happened to me, mine has clips that look just like the Voile clips, not the…

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    Some people might this is ridiculous request.. but whatever

    It looks to me like it would be pretty easy to lock the heel down in touring mode.. I feel like that would be a real advantage to this system, and something that hasn’t been done yet.

    Has Karakoram looked into this at all?? The system is already pretty lightweight looking…. I would…[Read more]

  • thanks for all the replies everyone. I’m going to go back skinning with the boards switched.. Thanks, Tom