• Interested to hear people’s thoughts as well. i would like to dump all my soft boot stuff.

  • Thanks for the replies. Heel lock wouldn’t be as much for the flats as it would be side hill stepping and icy decents back to the car where a combo of ups and downs exist. Just thinking.. If somebody made something clean and easy it would be nicer than a voile strap, quicker. But maybe I will try the strap one day on a long skin ski out and see…[Read more]

  • PS send your email with any PM so I can send pics, or phone number if in BC, can text.

  • I have a pair of burners for sale, size medium. These are pin style for use with regular voile hardware. In very good condition. Replaced one toe strap with a black burton toe, virtually the same as the original just different design, and there is one machine screw missing on the back baseplate. Its not damaged, I checked the threading with…[Read more]

  • As a convert to the hardboot side, and seeing that softboot setups have a heel lockdown, I was wondering if anyone such as phantom are working on a simple heel lock? I have heard of using a low tech dynafit heel but something smaller would be ideal. Even just a light hold allowing skating and easier sidestepping. I can think of many exits where…[Read more]

  • Yeah those atomics look good. They claim they wont be as expensive as other touring boots, but well see. My TLT6 are working awesome, but they are a touch big, which is why I am holding off on fully modding them. Doesnt seem to be causing much issue, but I am nervous when my liners pack out more they will be a touch sloppy, especially for resort…[Read more]

  • Another quick follow up..

    Had some more days on these things. I have decided to just leave them mostly the way they are, just the forward lean mod and took the pow strap off, removed tongue. I also changed the liners out for a better fit with an Intuition Pro Tour Liner in a medium volume size. I feel like that liner softened them up as well.…[Read more]

  • So had a few more tours on this setup. Haven’t done any more mods to the boots yet. To be honest I could be very happy with them how they are right now. Really liking both the touring and the riding. I will mod them a bit more to get a tiny bit more flex in certain areas, but I’m pretty happy. I’m used to the increased response and like it now.

  • Oops looks like we posted at the same time and your first impressions are up.

    Thanks for doing that, gives me a few things to try, maybe I will wait and see whats in their kit. Im not sure about changing the lower cuff, I am wondering with the increase in my forward lean if that will cause any conflict with bottoming out on the buckle? I guess I…[Read more]

  • Oops looks like we posted at the same time and your first impressions are up.

  • Thanks for the pics and look forward to the writeup as well from summersgone, and possibly the kit from phantom.

    I’m not too worried about the tlt6 becoming noodles, I just don’t want to make them so soft that I lose the side hill and split ski benefits. That said I’m sure most of the benefit is from the tech toe interface. In tour mode with top…[Read more]

  • Thanks look forward to some pictures..

    Do the holes allow snow to enter the boot? Is the lean mod just what people have been doing(like Barrows) where you file the slot out more or is this a new mod? For me, I find the front to tail of board flex not too bad, its more the abruptness or lack of flex into my toeside/heelside thats a change. Its not…[Read more]

  • Thanks @summersgone I saw something on their instagram about that, so Im looking forward to your thoughts on it. Are you able to mention any of the mods they are doing?

  • No I havent. I will get on a friends facebook page and take a look Im not on it. Im feeling fairly brave (: That said I dont want to turn the boots into floppy noodles either. Im hoping Phantom will do an article about what they are modding lately.

  • Well after having used tlt6s laying around for a year, I finally started the process and made the switch over. Two tours on them so far. I am using canted pucks with my regular duck stance, speed radicals, with spark hardware for mounting from splitboardhq(friendly guys) and Dyno DH bindings. I know phantom makes the best, but I got the Dyno DH…[Read more]

  • @moridinbg wrote:

    Another plus for hardboots, again in touring mode – more natural stride, without lifting the ski.
    The no-walk mode of softboots + the highback of the bindings force softies to make shorter strides and to lift partialy or entirely the ski, when touring.

    I agree with some of your post, but this is false. You don’t have to lift the…[Read more]

  • KGN replied to the topic Time for new boots in the forum Boots 9 years, 11 months ago

    Maybe the Burton Imperials? I am needing a new pair of boots too, and they are on my radar. Vibram sole, cheaper, and not too stiff. There was a review here somewhere.

  • @rughty wrote:

    I get at least a full 6″ longer stride with my no highback restricted flow setup over a binding with negative lean option in the same boots.

    Thats cool, I have never tried it so I was just speculating. I cant quite picture it in my head though, as with my setup Its definitely not the highback holding the stride back. Even just…[Read more]

  • @provotrout wrote:

    re: hardboot transition.. for stepping in you put the back bale on, snap front and ride. It’s less time consuming that getting straps on right, adjusted to the proper tightness.

    for getting out of ride mode, flip two bales up in front and carry on with transition. Pulling sliders is the same imo b/t plates & sparks. Getting into…

    [Read more]

  • Your right Barrows, spark, phantom, karakorum ect have nothing to worry about. Man, these snowboard companies might benefit from having people that actually splitboard on their design teams. The promo K2 quicker video was embarrassing to watch. He walked around like he had snowshoes on. :thumbsdown:

    Spark, Kara, Phantom, all the core, innovative…[Read more]

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