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  • I’ve posted a few times about the new forum, whining and complaining. Here’s one more. I don’t visit the site any more except to see if it’s back to the old style. Or to complain. That’s it. I don’t post, I don’t read any posts. I feel lucky to have learned so much in the last few years from so many knowledgeable and helpful splitters here.…[Read more]

  • I read about Chris’s difficulties. That definitely takes precedence over how well–or poorly–the new forum is doing. He’s got to do his stuff. But how do WE proceed? The old forum was great and this one is terrible, in my opinion. I used to enjoy the site and now I rarely bother, other than to see if it’s been fixed. Is there another forum…[Read more]

  • I recognize the need to generate some revenue and I really appreciate the time everyone puts into This site is a fantastic resource. However, I keep trying to adapt to the new forum design and it’s not working at all for me. My visits are way down since the change and I wonder if this has been a general trend…. Or I’m just a…[Read more]

  • I’m confused. This can’t be the new format.

  • Those Scarpa Aliens caught my eye too….but I doubt I’ll go to the trouble and expense of ANOTHER hardboot after my TLT experience. My softboot setup works fine and as long as I’m keeping up with my pals on the ascent, there’s no reason to change.

    Another particular factor for me is snowkiting. Occasionally I have to skin on splitboard to a…[Read more]

  • JimmyC;
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Other than removing the outer plastic tongue, I haven’t done anything to the TLTs. I’m going to check out what others have done to theirs–lots of info here on that topic, I think. I’m hesitant to do any major mods that can’t be reversed in case I do end up using them for AT gear. I could mod them beyond…[Read more]

  • Um, I should have looked a little harder I guess…..

    But I am grateful for the tips. It’s great to have access to the information through folks who know it so well.

  • From the sound of it, the toe piece has been tested pretty well. I’m willing to try a pair. How do I get some???

    Thanks all, it’s great to have such a wealth of experience from which to draw.

  • Barrows (and all);
    Thanks. Being able to get info like this is so great. I have mounted bindings on skis for years, but am not familiar with the “quiver killer” inserts. I’ll check them out. It would be better obviously to mount the toe pieces directly, without an adapter.

  • Thanks you guys. I checked out those Ranger toe pieces and they are perfect. I sent a note through the Ranger website. Is there a dealer or someone who sells these directly? Couldn’t really tell from the website.

  • Flo;
    I’ve got it figured out now, yes. Now, with the inverted climbing bar of Chomps held down by taller climbing bar on board, crampons are locked in down position. I tried it with good results on an icy steep trail at a resort. That’s the only time that configuration is needed. In b/c conditions, I’m not going up anything that is icy,…[Read more]

  • Hey that “google for you” thing was cool. Never seen it before. So “noboarding” is actually “nobindingboarding”. You can understand my confusion now…..

    I bet it is fun. Takes me back to early ’80s when I screwed down some straps on my Snurfer. Me and a whole lot of other people, for sure. Sadly, there is almost no call for…[Read more]

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Sierra Snowkite Center in the forum Snow Kiting 9 years ago

    Oh man, that sounds great. I have a b/c tele buddy in Wilson WY, definitely planning to be there mid-February of next year. He’s not a kiter tho. I will PM you…. thanks.

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Sierra Snowkite Center in the forum Snow Kiting 9 years ago

    Good stuff, Yoda.

    Is there good terrain there other than the flat stuff? I live in Maine, snowkite a lot in different terrain here but would love to hit the big mountains. Next winter I’ll be out west for a while and I may be lucky enough to go the Alps later this spring…..

    Seems like splitboarding and kiting go well together, but not much…[Read more]

  • As an older surfer/kiter/splitter, I’ve long since given up paying attention to what is written about these activities. I’m sure I’ve been uncool, then cool, then uncool again without even knowing it in the past 20 years. Or maybe I’ve been uncool the whole time!

    My 9yr old daughter started skiing when she was 3, and now she’s taking up…[Read more]

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Alps in May?? in the forum Trip Reports 9 years ago

    Thanks for the input. I’ll definitely look into Chamonix. On the other hand, what about northern Europe, like Sweden or Norway or Finland? Figure they’ve got to be splitting even in May, right? My trip doesn’t have to be to France, it does have to be in May though…..long story.


  • JTMaine replied to the topic Chomps Not Chomping in the forum Bindings 9 years ago

    Dual wires came today and VOILA… or that should be VOILE, I guess. Pretty simple fix to lock down chomps. It was interesting to hear from folks that Voile crampons lock down without any mods needed. Wish I’d know that….

    Here’s the description of what I did, will try to get a pic on later tonight:
    Unscrew four screws on chomps riser plate,…[Read more]

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Chomps Not Chomping in the forum Bindings 9 years ago

    Norwegian Dan;
    Thanks for your two cents! Maybe I am trying to go too steep. But there are some problems with zig-zagging on a ski trail: first, if it’s steep, skiers are basically dropping down on you, sometimes out of control and sometimes they don’t see you in the first place; second, the two big ski areas in Maine where I go ask uphillers to…[Read more]

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Chomps Not Chomping in the forum Bindings 9 years ago

    I’m not using the dual height risers yet (they’re on the way right now) just the single Voile riser but you’ve hit on it exactly: the crampons just flop around once the bottom of the binding plate loses contact with the riser on the chomps.

    When it’s steep it gets more difficult to apply heel pressure as someone suggested, despite a…[Read more]

  • JTMaine replied to the topic Chomps Not Chomping in the forum Bindings 9 years ago

    I’ll try to get a photo, but my setup is pretty straightforward. Venture Storm 166, Voile split kit, Spark Blaze bindings. The Chomps work great on what I’ll call medium-steep icy trails, but beyond that there is no boot/binding pressure to “set” them as I step. They’re more or less floating (even with riser up) so it’s only by a deliberate,…[Read more]

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