• Good Work Scott,
    Can you clarify? Are you now a Assistant Ski Guide or a Full Ski Guide? Maybe they will change the name to Snowboard Guide?
    I remember starting along this path years ago and would not even be considered into the program because I did not know how to ski…Great to see this progression…Being the first Snowboarder to complete the…[Read more]

  • jslam replied to the topic Prior ATV split in the forum Splitboards 15 years ago

    I picked up my ATV from Prior in December(Thankx Tree). I have put 30-40 days on it so far this year…It has been the best split that I have ever rode and I’ve been riding most of em since the beginning. I ride a hard boot set up with an old set of Arctis Vario Koflach boots and Blax bindings. The riding around here is big coastal terrain, steep…[Read more]