• Hi. Old message, but I’m riding Garmont Megalite since last year. Still not sure I like them, they are stiff compared to the previous Scarpa F1. Have tried to loosen the upper part, but then i get some heel lift. Until now i like them on hard stuff, but not on soft. Think I will reinvest in F1, since both boots are good for my skiing. F1 are…[Read more]

  • 😀 Lots of good advices. – That competition look fun. Both serious competitors and people just having fun. This is one from norway: http://www.alperittet.com/images/albumsl/index.html
    I am more fit than technical, but yes, I can do better. Fortunately my legs last longer on the board than when skiing. Telemark is especially heavy. And yes, I need…[Read more]

  • Thanks for good hints. – Straight down would be an idea if there were no gates. – But yes, you need to take some risks. – My binding angles is much like you describe John. – Guess the point is that you are more flexible that way. Anyway, guess there are no easy answer to my question.. – You can have all kinds of conditions in one run. Compared to…[Read more]

  • Thanks a lot. – I have the same experience, prefer to tighten up the cuff. Think that rule out the TLT race pro, which are light but expensive.

    The zzeros are stiffer and a little heavier than TLT4, but come with both 2,3 or 4 buckles. They give more forward lean than TLT, guess that is more similar to carving race boots, but guess that is not…[Read more]

  • Hi. – I`m interested in comments on hardboots.
    – My Scarpa F1 is worn out. Quite satisfied, but now i`m thinking of those:
    Dynafit TLT 4 Lite or race Pro, or Dynafit Zzero.

    Could the Lite or Race pro be to soft or low?
    I am also thinking that two forward angles to chose from could be good. (Zzero) But those are rather stiff.

    Some comments…[Read more]

  • johan replied to the topic Prior ATV split in the forum Splitboards 13 years, 2 months ago

    Hi, and thanks for your help.
    Got the ATV 171 one month ago, and are wery happy with it. Higher binding angles for a more narrow board suits me fine, I feel comfortable in speed.

    Not sure if higher binding angles make turning with hardboots easier, anyway, the board is easy to turn. Also good in powder. Great! 😀

  • Norway it is, and in fact Sunnmøre area!
    Guess you might have visited my area, the “Sunnmøre Alps”. I live in Volda, generally I go to mountains in Volda and Ørsta. Nice peaks and fjords, exept from the weather, which can be bad..
    In fact i might have been in your playground to; Did ski the haute Route, ending in Saas Fee. – An other time we st…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your advice!
    Only problem when mounting voile on top of touring bracket is that the skrews do not fill the holes in Dynafit completely. Therefor the bindings do move a little around the screws.

    I just realised that screws that are not flat-head should solve that. (Countersinked?)

    My setup is much like yours, but I use Scarpa F3 boots…[Read more]

  • Hi Bruno, nice setup 🙂
    I have a new Prior ATV and are planning to mount Dynafit bindings.
    I am wondering why you drilled four holes in the touring bracket. Do you switch beethween Voile and Dynafit bindings?

    At my old board i mounted the Dynafits on top of the touring brackets. Not completely satisfied, so; Does the screews at the Dynafit last…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your reply.
    My old board is a Nitro naturals 173. I had K2 klicker and approach skis before I split the board, and therefore I copied that setup. 25/15 degrees f/b I believe.
    Like that board at speed, but very short turns is not so good. Think higher angles would be good. Anyway, I think boot size will force me to increase angle…[Read more]

  • Hi, I’m using Dynafit front bindings and Scarpa F1 boots. Wery satisfied.
    I mounted the bindings at the same spot. -More than that, -I was not sure the screews holding the Dynafit bindings could be to weak at a wide bord. Therefor I drilled the Dynafits into the existing Voile front bindings. Easy, just had to remove the plastic part first.
    Guess…[Read more]

  • Guess it depends how passionate you are. I choose light skis when going on a long trip with friends at skis. We continued from Zermatt to Monte Rosa and then Sas Fee, a total of ten days. Most people get tired during some of those days, so ski would be my choise. But in the downhill snowboard is much more fun, and after mounting dynafit front…[Read more]

  • johan replied to the topic Prior ATV split in the forum Splitboards 15 years, 1 month ago

    Sounds wery tempting! This might be my next board. 😀

  • Hi! Did the Haute Route once. Brilliant! But even though I’m fond of splitboarding I would choose skis on this one. I was telemarking, but light AT could be better. Reason: Steep uphills, where canting a wide board is hard. And flat stretches, lots of traversing and so on. If touring with skiers I would not keep up with them.
    -But of course, it’s…[Read more]