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  • Cool tour guys! Thanks for inviting the token skier.
    And I still love how Breadbox fixed in on that rock, rode down the ridge and then sent it. Any chance someone can dig up that old photo from like 5 years ago when he sent it the first time?

  • Don’t worry, I’ll post some shots of BCD riding his board on Gabb too. But beware, I may have shots of him skiing too!

  • joesnow replied to the topic Bloody 4/24/07 in the forum Eastside 15 years, 11 months ago

    Epic conditions for Bloody! That’s a rare treat for this season, way to nail it.

  • @bcd wrote:

    Waiting for the corn to turn to slush:

    That’s funny!

    I’m surprised you didn’t at least take a peak over the North face of False White (the side facing White). I thought there were some BCD options in that face, but probably not this year.

    Too bad we missed you on Sunday. We had fun getting sloppy seconds from the splitboard crew…[Read more]

  • joesnow replied to the topic Video Cameras in the forum The Gear Room 16 years, 6 months ago

    Dude – Don’t I do my part?!? We just need to get more days in this year together, you’ll feel like a star….

  • In a strange way, this shot has the “Steeleman look”…..maybe the body posture?

    @steeleman wrote:

    Great work guys. Totally jealous, of course.

  • Great shit, plateau Jim. That was some of the best 10 mins of video I’ve watched in a while. The mellow acoustic guitar riff over the mandatory hairball climbs, scoping of lines, etc. was really cool and original.

    Glad to see redemption on 3rd Pillar, as well as incredible untracked in Powerhouse. Thanks for taking it all the way to the end of…[Read more]

  • @bcd wrote:

    I think the snow/rock linkups are going to be the hot new trend in the Sierra this summer. You gonna climb that thing with skis on your back?

    I think we’ll leave the skis on the plateau and just use them for the approach and ski back to Saddlebag. I know it woud make for some bitchen pictures to see dudes gripping the West Ridge…[Read more]

  • @towelie wrote:

    Can’t believe how much coverage is still left on the southerly faces like north peak. fantastic year!!!

    Hey BCD –
    Did you get an eyeful of the West Ridge route on Conness? Is there any snow on the climbing route? We’ve got a multisport mission planned and could use any beta you’ve got.

    This is a very envy inducing TR you bastardz!

  • Nice PJ. Did the Robinson Creek approaches seem utterly brutal without snow? And how does one go about speaking to a Yeti?

    Here are a couple of shots of another splitboarder in the same great lines off of Horse Creek Peak from last Spring (looks like you had a bit more of a cornice to deal with):

  • I believe the whole line is shown in this picture from last year, yes?

    Congrats, again.

  • Here’s a few more shots for anyone who hasn’t cruised the whole TR:

    One of my faves:

    Voodoo showing the kids that there are many mountains to ski and ride outside the resort boundaries:

    More of the good stuff:

    After that first little bowl, we dropped the Ma Nature groomed 1/4 pipe gully the long East Face:

    Another…[Read more]

  • Cool Trip! You guys nailed a sweet line on Jacks. I think your route from Dicks to Jacks is a good choice. Steeleman and I did Jacks to Dicks and had a gripping episode of skinning across that South face of Dicks in a snowy cloud cap on firmish snow. One of these days we’ll post our pictures of that weekend.

    Tallac looks brutal.

  • In case not everyone is up on their ski mountaineering history…..The Mendel has only been skied by three folks – Chris Landry in 1980(?) and Andrew McLean and Mark Holbrook in 1998. Pretty good company, eh?
    BCD repeated a very covetted line that has only been skied twice (as far as I know) by guys who’ve been made famous for their ski…[Read more]

  • RIGHT ON DAN! That thing looks ridiculous from within.
    I was just about to drop you a note to see if you’d ventured back there like you mentioned last week. Then I see this series of pictures….holy shit….I’m stoked for ya!

  • joesnow replied to the topic Freel Peak in the forum Trip Reports 16 years, 11 months ago

    DD – we think alike. The Freel to Trimmer link up is the ticket. That area is very cool, but definitely heavy on the approach side. I’ve spent a lot more time there in the summer on foot or mountain bike than on skis in the winter. Mountain Voodoo and I are going to fix that problem, hopefully.

    We did ski Jobs Sister to Star Lake last Spring…[Read more]

  • joesnow replied to the topic Freel Peak in the forum Trip Reports 16 years, 11 months ago

    Good work Dishwasher Dave. Looks like a solo venture? Did you come back down through Fountain Place / Oneidas or High Meadows / Cold Creek?

    BCR – I thought you were tied up this weekend.?. Man of Steele and I had a Deso Traverse epic starting with Ralston on Saturday, finishing at Emerald Bay late yesterday. You may have even followed our…[Read more]

  • Helluva day!

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve been jonesing for some bcr videos this year. A short in his video camera has kept it out of order, unless bcr gives it the old white knuckle squeeze. So the stills from his trips have been killer, but where’s the video? Well I decided to give it a go. It’s a far cry from the quality…[Read more]

  • @bcd wrote:

    One of the best pics I’ve seen in a while. Looking south down the Minerats, right?

  • joesnow replied to the topic Tahoe Deep in the forum Trip Reports 17 years ago

    Damn, your camera is way better than mine. 2nd lap looked deep. Nice segment on the Hogsback effort too. Can you believe it’s a helluva a lot deeper now than Saturday!?! It’s official, Miracle March is back after 15 years in hiding.

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