• You are going to have a great time. My biggest piece of advice would be to bring a board bag with wheels. There were four of us that traveled for a month and the two of us with wheels had a much easier time getting around town and on the bus system. The sun is also intense that far south so high spf is primo. Tear it up down there!

  • We hiked up Villarica and snowboarded down with our resort boards out of Pucon but there was people skinning up as well. We were there in September. I have photos but I don’t have any web hosting place to put them up.

  • I’m in Anchorage and with a new job I am looking to ride on Monday and Tuesday. Anyone else have an off schedule and down to head to the hills?

  • I use a few different types of gloves depending on how warm it is out. I tend to alternate with and without gloves on the way up. Every time my hands start to heat up I take them off and clip them to my chest strap for a bit.

    The types of gloves I really like are the REI One Gloves which are soft shell type gloves and the OR PL 150 gloves which…[Read more]

  • I bought a new board bag for a trip to Chile recently because we didn’t have a car there and I wanted one with wheels so I could walk further to the hostels from the bus stations. I bought the DaKine Low Roller and I really like it. The website says that it weights 7 lbs. It has bigger wheels on it than my friends and rolls really well. It also…[Read more]

  • I was just in the same boat you are in now. I had been eye balling a split board for two years and this year the sale was finally perfect for me to make the investment. I normally ride a Burton Custom X 160 and ended up purchasing the Prior BC 165 because it had the width most similar to my Custom X that I love. I have been riding for quite a few…[Read more]