• Since last year (2012-13), Jones boards are not made in Tunisia anymore (they’re made in EU, I think in Austria now)

    I’ve had quite a few (old) Jones boards and while they rode well, quality sucked – top sheet peeling away, delaminating, stamped base stuck on the skins etc.

    I’ve had 2 2012-2013 Jones splitboards:
    – Jones Solution
    – Jones…[Read more]

  • I’ve replaced my standard Jones Solution by a carbon one early this year. I’ve been using the standard one (not carbon) for the past two years. Both in 164 size.
    (gear I’ve ridden in the past: Voilé ST178, Voilé Mojo RX, Burton Freebird, Jones Solution)

    At the resort, I’m used to stiff board (BX boards). To tell you the truth, before I tried t…[Read more]

  • I got my hands on several 2012/13 Jones Splitboards & snowboards (I work in a ski shop).

    The splitboard job is not comparable to that of last year. It’s properly done, the skis are fitting tightly, insert & hooks are properly done. On the board side (whether it’s split or solid), it now looks & feel like a high end snowboard you’d get from any…[Read more]

  • JIn Kazama replied to the topic french alps Guru in the forum Boots 10 years ago

    @dedesplit wrote:

    hey Guys,

    I’m looking for some wisdom from all of you. I’m planning a trip to the french alps in late february and I need some advise.

    I want to plan a 4to6 days trip (not including flights + prep) for two splitting newbs. My girlfriend and I are looking for something not to rough but very scenic. we are equip for moderate…

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  • I have a solution as well. I’m used to full camber extremely stiff (many BX) boards (F2 Eliminator WorldCup, Palmer Channel Titanium…)/

    The solution is way better in powder (rocker…just rocks! :)) but it’s true that on ice it’s not as good as most of my BX boards. I’ve had quite a few splitboards in the past decade and the big problem with…[Read more]

  • @maniacdave wrote:

    @JIn Kazama wrote:

    – Wood Core is not a single piece (wood glued together)

    Pretty sure that’s standard ski/board construction right there. My grandmother’s solid hickory skis haven’t seen snow in the last 70 years…

    A lot of the issues sound as though there was some improper techniques in the resin/FWP layup process of…

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  • Previous year Jones Solutions had those issues:
    – Splitboard job poorly done (that goes from inserts at the wrong place to damaged clips/rivets and gap problem (I had a karakoram clip that wouldn’t lock the board as the gap was too wide)
    – Topsheet problem – some boards had the topsheet going away after a few rides (top sheet from fiberglass to…[Read more]

  • Burton SLX are too soft, they’re great for the park but not that good for splitboarding.

    Burton driver X are the stiffest Burton boots, they’re also pretty compact and have a vibram sole, which means you won’t destroy them walking on rocks. Beware that the 2010/2011 driver x are crap (too soft) but I guess you can still find the 2011/2012 model…[Read more]

  • My 1st splitboard was 6-7 years ago with a voilé swallowtail 178… I was pretty happy to ditch my snowshoes but the board sucked everywhere except on mellow, deep powder terrain – the difference between my resort board and this one was huge – I felt like crap most of the time with the voilé.

    I then bought a voilé mojo RX with light rails, it wa…[Read more]

  • I got quickly tired of eating crap, so I went with :
    – Dried apricots
    – Stewed Apple
    most of the time for when I’m on the go. If I really need it, I also get condensed milk (which could be called condensed sugar)

    I also got 2 small thermos recipients (1 for food, 1 for beverage) – so I can also have a normal lunch in the backcountry and not a…[Read more]

  • I’ve used last year model the whole season. I’m usually on Salomon malamutes.

    Don’t forget that the sole is pretty thick for snowboard boots, it can become problematic with your bindings/straps…

    While it was a real pain to break them, those are the best snowboard boots I’ve ever had for walking – they feel like (real) mountain shoes with…[Read more]

  • JIn Kazama replied to the topic Broken Spark Laces in the forum Boots 10 years, 1 month ago

    Where did you get your replacement laces? I just broke mine (as well as the plastic locking mechanism) and I’d like to get some spare to fix it.
    I had 60 days on the boots with no problems but I just did something stupid (unintentionally)…

  • Well, the board you’re looking for seems to be the Jones Hovercraft, very good float & fast turns at low speed on non steep terrain…

    The only problem is that the 2011/2012 one is a piece of crap – I’ve had 2 of those boards and they both started to delaminate (on the top) after a dozen tours… I’d buy the 2012/2013 version as it seems they…[Read more]

  • I just sold my 2012 burners – I’ve been pretty happy with them (beside the bent LT pin while touring on hard pack with crampons) and I was going to go for the karakorams until I talked to a the few people who had the system this year and tried one for 2 days…

    On paper, the system looked great, a real splitboard interface from scratch, it…[Read more]

  • I’m tempted to replace my 2012 solution by a 2013 carbon one. Do you know when it will be available in Europe? Last year I had a hard time getting my split before the season started (I got the board in November after trying to buy from 3 different shops that had no stock) so if I’m selling it I wanna be sure I get hold of that new board asap…

  • I live not far from your place (& ride in the Aravis) and I just replaced my voilé Mojo RX with a Jones Solution this season.

    The Mojo RX is not a bad board, actually it’s a quite good board for powder conditions, it’s even pretty good for touring as it’s pretty light and it glides well on deep powder, thanks to the rocker


    There is (are)…[Read more]

  • I’ve been using Salomon Malamutes for the past 3 years, Spark deeluxe this season and tried the Driver X. for 1 day.

    Driver X. and malamutes are very similar, they’re great for the slopes, perfect for carving (nearly a hardboot feeling).

    Spark are more mellow but stiff on torsions – they’re perfect for freeride and even more for splitboarding:…[Read more]

  • @barrows wrote:


    Thanks for posting up those weights, are they manufacturers claimed weights, or have you made some measurements yourself, or are they from a verified third party? I am sometimes skeptical of manufacturers claimed weights, my experience wiht bikes has proven that the claimed weights are often quite “optimistic”!
    In any case,…

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  • @barrows wrote:

    @JIn Kazama wrote:

    Prior carbon splits are 600g lighter… It’s kinda weird the solution only saves 200g going carbon…

    Well, I guess I’ll have to compare total board weight to make my choice…

    Kind of makes me wonder if the Jones Carbons are actually full carbon laminate, or just one layer of carbon combined with glass… The…

    [Read more]

  • I also have the petzel vasak with deeluxe spark boots. The boots fits the crampons perfectly and it feels stiff enough on icy terrains. The only problem I had is I made a hole in my pants barly touching one of the crampon tips 😳

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