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    Boy that looks clean… Your work is always so clean!

  • I figured it was time for an update

    So after two tours my fish fillet is making me very happy. I have yet to install the plastic nose and tail clips, but now that I’ve ridden the board I am totally going to. And I still haven’t filled all the t-bolt holes in my base… Now I can’t really tell when I’m blazing through the deep pow, but I took it…[Read more]

  • Interesting. I’ve heard of doing this, one of my friends actually did it. I suppose the durability is dependant on how well you did it and the type of epoxy you use. My friend said his has started to pull out.
    I’ve been trying to source metal grip ptex with no luck lately. So maybe I’ll try this route. I’ve got some really awesome epoxy. Having 24…[Read more]

  • Hey there, I also spent a few days and went threw dozens of hardware stores to find M6 hardware with no sucess. I ended up just getting standard bolts and t nuts… I wanted to use some old binding bolts i had lying around, but it didn’t work out. Also, when going with standard hardware, you might have to take a countersink bit to the voile pucks…[Read more]

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    I was just wondering on how well those ptex tee nuts worked? Were you able to easily bond them into your base?

  • So, I finally got my kit in the mail yesterday… And I’m on a roll.

    I’m actually having a pretty decent time. I don’t completely agree with Voile’s order in which things should be done, namely the touring brackets. I personally think they should be done last. That way all the hardware is on the board and you can find the correct balance point. I…[Read more]

  • The super simplicity of that set up would make it insanely awesome to build. But I think I’d try to find something that would be less of a hassle than those binding disks to hold the board together (chinese hooks might not provide enough strength here). I guess the downfall is that there are more pieces to lose (the binding disks and screws) when…[Read more]

  • Great pictures! Thanks for posting them.

    I have a feeling i’m going to get that gap in my fish too… Just taking the two parts and laying them together, they won’t sit without a gap, unless I force them together at the top and bottom at the same time… I’m not sure why that is. It bothers me a little.

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    I love the modified “skin it if you can” mad river sticker. Classy :thumpsup:

  • @jbh wrote:

    I’ll also post what saw blade I used, as mine went straight through the inserts, no noise, no red hot metal, no dead blade… And it is quite thin…

    I’m looking forward to the pictures!

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    jbh, I read your topic a few times before starting my split. It was very helpful and detailed, and pictures would be awesome. I’m going to pick up that epoxy you used, it sounds like the best thing out there for what we’re doing.