• Hi all,

    I’m thinking about picking up a pair of 32 traditional lace boots. I hear they have the best heel hold (I hated my Burton Supreme boots because of the lack of heel hold). I’m looking at the TM-TWO and TM-TWO XLT women’s boots. Thoughts on traditional laces and how they compare to boas and speed lace systems?

    And if you have other…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Scooby. I’ll be riding in the Tahoe area, we don’t get much of the deep light stuff.

    I’m still not sure what I should do. I need something that’s at least 155cm, but not too wide since I’m typically a women’s 7.5 boot, maybe a men’s 6.5. Any other recommendations? I’d like something that’s compatible with the Karakoram bindings (I…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I’m looking to pick up my first splitboard and received advice from a shop in Tahoe that Mervin splitboards were poor quality. He said that he purposely did not carry and Mervin splitboards because of the rocker/camber profile that wasn’t friendly for touring. He also said that they just cut their solid boards in half to make splits, as…[Read more]

  • Hi there!

    Looking to pick up my first split set up and I found a screaming deal for the Banana Smoothie (~$400). Has anyone ridden this board or any Roxy boards? A chat person from backcountry.com told me that Roxy boards aren’t the best quality, but aren’t they the same quality of GNU and Lib Tech?

    Thanks for your help and thoughts!

  • Hi!

    My husband and I are trying to pick up our first boards. We live in the Bay Area and get up to Tahoe a couple of times a month. I’m 5’6″ and about 155 and he’s 6’2″ 230 and a size 13 boot, so he prefers a wide board.

    Please let me know what you have and how much your asking. If you’re local to Tahoe or the Bay Area, we can pick up.…[Read more]