• Hi guys,

    During this season I’ve done some more changes to the Atomic Ultimate 2019.
    As some of you have said I felt to much forward flex and despite not being heavy I only like the green springs, the stiffer ones.
    I added one additional strap from one pivot point to the other pivot point. You can see in the video. It’s in catalan but with…[Read more]

  • I uploaded a youtube video showing my Atomic Backlands Ultimate with the Phantom Link.
    It has english subtitles. Hope you like it:

  • Yesterday I used my new phantom link.. and they worth every cent you pay….200$ + 20$ delivery in Catalonia.. I would love to get them cheaper… but….

    Without the phantom link I got a good flex and good feeling, just riding the Atomic Backland Ultimate with thick lines Dynafit Beast and the boots really loose. There’s more info about sizing…[Read more]

  • Ei @rudeandreckless,

    @jimmyc is right, it looks like a Morton’s Neuroma. The best thing you could do is to wear always wide boots, and go to a good boot fitter and make your boots. To me, the AT boots or hard boots are better, because a good boot fitter can make all the space you need for your metatarsals and be comfortable again. I don’t think…[Read more]

  • A few days ago I bought the Atomic Backland Ultimate boots, the white and orange ones.
    I think the Atomic Backland Ultimate is a really good boot for snowboarding because it has a lot of flex, specially lateral flex. I tried the Atomic Backland and the Backland Carbon and they have a lot less lateral flex. I tried the Scarpa F1 (a really…[Read more]

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  • Hi to everyone,

    This is my first post, but I’ve spent many hours reading this forum before I made the change to hardboots.

    I’m waitting for the Phantom link, and I’m really thankful to the Phantom Team and John for his patience and answers.
    I just bought the Atomic Backland Ultimate. I have ridden 3 days with the boots without moods and just…[Read more]

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