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  • Thank you ! Summersgone.
    I’m also looking at the arbor corda in camber not rocker I would like a good accent . Been reading how some rocker boards can give you some problems going up. In packed skin lines

  • Ok I’m not new to riding. Been riding for 22 year in the Pacific northwest. Real snow real steep. Bot afraid to boot pack or snowshoe in. I love it. Not a big resort guy anymore.
    I want to get a splitboard. I’m look at a 158 jones solution and a 159 never summer atom.
    I want a board that can handle deep and steep , also crud and chop. I…[Read more]

  • I have been riding for 22 year not new to big back country line but new to splitboarding I haven’t bought anything yet. I think in the jones solution 158 or a never summer atom in a 159. With karakoram bindings. I have k2 boots that are stiff . I like stiff and I like my bindings on the stiffer side too with maximum forward lean.
    Any…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Ok I have been riding for 22 years I’m no jermy jones or T Rice. But I can hold my own in the back country . Taking on some of the biggest lines the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I’m not afraid to boot pack to earn some line . In matter of fact I prefer hiking than riding a chair. As of now I snowshoes alot to get up the hill until I…[Read more]