• HansGLudwig replied to the topic View New Posts plug-in enabled in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 7 years, 11 months ago

    So on Friday I was using DuckDuckGo.com to search SB.com (for something totally unrelated to this post) and came across this link. . .


    It must be built into the new engine, b/c the sitemap has no links to it. Anyway, it lists all recent activity; and I mean all: who updated their picture, new members, and. . . Replies and New Posts.
    It took some experimentation—which was difficult b/c I happened upon the link at the advent of a 48 hr post doldrum, probably b/c everyone was getting rad over the weekend, which meant there was no recent activity to watch— and here’s how it works. With a little bit of tooling it will function just like the old View New Posts (or better, depending on what you value)
    Without logging in, it lists. . .
    *—Everything— shows everything recent. And a preview of content. This view can be a bit much.
    *New Members – Self explanatory
    *Profile Updates – (In case you wanted to stalk anyone on the forums)
    *Updates – Somewhere on your profile, you can update you ‘status’ (like Facebook used to be; “HansGLudwig is. . . “) and this lists all the recent statuses
    *Posts – @Cbalke ‘s articles
    *Comments – What we say in response to said articles
    *Friends – b/c SB.com needs to be more like Facebook :eyeroll:
    *Group Updates – Whatever
    *Group Memberships – Whatever
    *New Groups – Taylor Condon has some pretty eclectic groups. Not judgin’, jus’ saying’
    *Topics – Newly created threads
    *Replies – What we, users, reply to these threads.

    If you log in, Atop the list, you have an option to see the most recent instances where people have mentioned you (the @ + someonesname function).

    In general, this takes up more screen real-estate than the old View New Posts, but you get more content. All items are in chronological order. Timestamps refer to how long ago they were posted; not a date + time format. Thanks to @splitboard.com for getting local timezone option enabled; now timestamps mean something (b/c subtracting nine hours was too hard for some PST residents). If you want to find something from a while back, you can “load more” at the bottom.

    I think this solves all our View New Posts problems. Not the bitchers can bitch about something out of their control like a lack of snow.