• All I am saying is that I wouldn’t go without the inner straight metal edge on factory splits because it makes for more efficient skinning. There was a comment about not having a metal edge…

    Also there is a definite trade off if planning to buy or split a board with a lot of sidecut. Quicker turns replace ability to hold an edge in knarley up…[Read more]

  • I’ve got size 12 w/hard plates and I just go w/15-20 degrees to get the clearance I need. I would not go without the inner straight metal edge if I had the choice. It has saved my ass big time on steep icy traverses because it is the edge that will do all the work for you. When skinning the outer edge with the sidecut is just about worthless…[Read more]

  • I ran into the same issue with my 171 gun. It was probably a combination of factors…

    Fresh wax job that I could have scraped better, then super cold temps which caused the wax to want to flake off on the glue.

    Cold temps and fluff snow that the glue didn’t like, plus I was breaking trail.

    I also wondered if it was related to the new model of…[Read more]

  • So that snow doesn’t accumulate. One of the best features of the mtn plates is that there isn’t any real place for snow to clog them up. The only place is the screw heads/slots. I saw it happen to a friend of mine who left the covers off and temps were warm. It started with a little, then it was comparable to soft bindings in corn snow. The…[Read more]

  • oh yeah, I can easily close or open mine with one hand. This also helps to indicate something isn’t right if you feel more resistance. I’ve never popped out with that tension either.

  • I do use the rubber gasket underneath and trimmed it just the size of the blocks. My thinking was that this would prevent the tendency for the hard plastic to want to slide around and might provide a little dampening.

    These bindings are superior for skinning and icy traverses. I’m using scarpa inverno, size 12 and have to put both bindings at…[Read more]

  • Mine is when your someone’s dog steps on the back of your board while skinning. It kinda stops all your forward momentum and sometimes makes you wipe out. I know their feet might get cold, but if people are taking dogs in the backcountry they need to train them on basics or they could be a liability.

  • Yo Kav,

    Another trick is to use poles. You are no longer a traditional snowboarder, so its ok. There are some areas I tour where the return route is a partially snow covered 5 mile single track that keeps you on one edge for most of the time without much descent. I can board way better than I can ski a split.

    Using poles can also give you a…[Read more]

  • Why do some of y’all put the carbide tips pointing up towards your head? I’ve always been afraid of getting stabbed in the jugular if I starfish.

    All my packs have had some sort of side compression straps. I thread the buckle and strap through my pole straps and cinch, kinda like san frantastico, just going the other direction.

    I’ve also…[Read more]

  • endo replied to the topic Tail clips on skins in the forum DIY and Mods 14 years, 3 months ago

    Genius! Now I’m getting all sorts of ideas for my off time in between the freshies. I’ll see what I can do.

  • I like my scarpa invernos and voile mtn plates. They definitely take a little getting used to but are fine in powder and great for skinning, traverses and hiking. Totally bomber and simple.

    I’m thinking of doing some mods like powder tracker with an adjustible strap and thermo liners. I’ve also thought of cutting some of the plastic around the…[Read more]

  • endo replied to the topic Tail clips on skins in the forum DIY and Mods 14 years, 3 months ago

    Hey Jogi,

    I think I’ve got it figured out. Now I just need to make an extension or find some clips that are long enough for my original skins. I’m using the new long Voile 130 mm skins on a 171. They stop at least 5 inches from the tail.

  • endo replied to the topic Tail clips on skins in the forum DIY and Mods 14 years, 3 months ago

    got it; this was the thread I was thinking


  • endo replied to the topic Tail clips on skins in the forum DIY and Mods 14 years, 3 months ago

    No, there were some other pics I remember seeing with a real clean wide rubber strap riveted…

    I think it was part of a topic or post that had digressed a little. I thought there was at least 3 or 4 pictures. I don’t think it was real obvious by the subject of the post.

  • Hey Gus,

    I’d go with the Voile skins. I don’t know if Burton has changed their design, but their skins used to have this hokey little clip smaller then a finger nail that rides in a notch on the board tip. And you really don’t need a tail clip. My burton ones ripped off anyway because they were pleather sewed to elastic. Crapoloa man, at…[Read more]

  • hey, those look nice. I appreciate the simplicity and think your going the right track. A few questions: How would you incorporate forward and rearward positioning if desired? It is hard to have a “one size fits all design” on a splitboard. I just wonder about people with different sized feet…. I guess you could have S, M, and L bindings?…[Read more]

  • Yeah I noticed that Wallowa board. That definitely looks like the big burn. Is that around wing ridge? Very cool. Do you still get out there?

  • Hey karma,

    did you guys change the position of the touring brackets? My new 171 gun just showed up and it seems like the binding mounts for skinning are a little further forward, so it is actually possible for one of my boots to hit a puck when I lift a heel… That’s with a 22″ stance and 20 degrees front and rear. It seemed like there was…[Read more]

  • board: mtn gun 171, Voile FR 166
    boots: Scarpa inverno
    bindings: Voile hard plate
    pack: BCA stash BC rider and Osprey Aether 90 for long hut trips.
    Jack: Arterryx beta lt?
    pants: Mtn hardwear conduit bibs full leg zips

  • You should also think about spare parts for your bindings. If you are using traditional bindings there could be several nuts, bolts and spare straps you want. Also some small cord can be handy to tie things up or replace a shoe lace… Lots of duct tape on your poles will let you fix em if you brake em.

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