• Just happened to be looking at the Pivot Buckle Mod kit on Phantom’s website and came across this:
    “We STRONGLY recommend getting Powerbuilt Zeon Metric Sockets… You can find them on Amazon…[Read more]

  • Doug – interesting observations about the feel of the boots in avy debris. One of the first things I look for in a board is how well it handles in the nastiest/diciest terrain I may encounter; I never thought about that with the boots! I rode my hard boots this past week on some cruddy snow (sun baked, not quite refrozen but firm). It was very…[Read more]

  • Commission would be nice, but after a week of resort riding them, I’m as confident with this setup as I am with soft boots.

    To add to how great the link lever is, I had some issues with the installation I wasn’t sure about. Sent a late Friday night email, Alex responded within minutes, asked if we could do a face-time call so he could see my…[Read more]

  • Just did a few short tours with the link levers, well worth the $$$. They let me snug up the boots (I really don’t like a loose feel) without sacrificing flex. Really love the adjustable forward lean. No other mods to the boots for me.

  • I would give serious consideration to a softshell pant, you want maximum breathability (unless touring in a downpour is likely). I usually carry a hardshell jacket but rarely use it. I’m more likely to skin up in a softshell jacket and throw a puffy over it when I get to the top (mine is slightly oversized to fit over my gear). I toured Svalbard a…[Read more]

  • I prefer the collapsible over the telescopic, simply so I have the option to put them inside or outside. I wrap a Voile strap around them before I stow them (either externally or internally); just makes them easier to manage. More and more I find myself just keeping them in hand on the downhill due to the terrain I’m riding; it’s convenient to be…[Read more]

  • I’m contemplating switching over to hardboots. I’ve only been able to find the QST Pro 90 or Scarpa F1 locally in my size (I’d be very interested in the Backlands or Speedfits but haven’t been able to find a pair to try on). I found the QST fit well and was very flexible out of the box, but nearly the same weight as my softboot. The F1 fit a…[Read more]

  • So far, no love from Jones. The rep is claiming there is rock damage so the delam is not covered under warranty (they did offer a pro form replacement). The base does have a very minor scratch near the delam that needs ptex, but the edge itself is not dented or damaged in any way. Not sure how to post a pic here. I will try to reach out to Jones…[Read more]

  • Hey all – just back from a split trip to Svalbard (wow!), opted to take my Hovercraft Split that really hasn’t seen much use (15/16 east coast didn’t offer much). On day 4, noticed a de-lam on the edge right behind my forward foot, Spark Arcs. Will take it in to the shop and let the Jones rep have a look at it, but no damage to the edge other than…[Read more]

  • Just to reply to my previous note, I reached out to Jones about the moisture issues, and they replied “The bamboo might look wet but unless it is delaming it is not an issue. If the board starts coming apart we will definitely warranty.”
    Can’t ask for more than that!

  • I picked up a Hovercraft Split at the end of last season, just mounted it up and took it for a test ride at the resort yesterday (really liking the new Spark Arc setup!). When I got home and took everything apart, I noticed the inside edge sidewall is absorbing moisture, doesn’t seem to be sealed in any way. That can’t be good for the core.

  • Check out a Prior Khyber, that’s basically what it was made for – turning in tight trees. Makes a great powder board with the taper and rocker. Just picked up a Jones Hovercraft (only because of the end of season deal) but it will probably stay in the wrapper waiting for powder next year. I had a Voile Mojo that I really hated as a NE woods board…[Read more]

  • I really like the patagucci mixed guide pant, waterproof where a boarder needs it (knees/seat), soft-shell for breathability where you don’t.

  • Thanks for the replies. I’ll be going in the spring, mid to late April. I’ll be travelling from the US with other skiers (Tele and AT); they are used to my setup. We have a local guide who is split-aware (and has been great at communicating potential challenges), but that is never the same as someone who rides a split!

  • It is true that it is currently limited to Rams Head at K, but it is a step in the right direction, and I believe (hope) the plan is to allow more terrain outside of operating hours. The route is nicely posted and the mountain personnel were very friendly when I used it (in the past it was hit or miss). Pico is the way to go for a powder morning…[Read more]

  • @Phoo wrote:

    Does anyone know if there is an uphill policy at Killington or Pico? If one were to strike out before the lifts started spinning would the wrath of Patrol be invoked?

    I skinned up a few times during the last 2 weeks of December. A few dirty looks from people in the gondola line was all I got 🙂 One guy on a sled gave me some…[Read more]