• @Earnyourturn wrote:

    Is it possible to use these bindings on a solid board for resort riding? If not what is the best option for HB’ing on a solid?

    That is a big question that depends on what you mean by “HB’ing on a solid.”

    If you are freeriding at lower angles on a normal width snowboard using lightweight AT boots, then yes, they would be…[Read more]

  • @Earnyourturn wrote:

    That is a good point I had not considered. Borrows have you found anywhere that sells the dynafit toe piece separately? Seems like a waste of $$ to pay for the extra heel pieces.

    Spark RnD used to sell the Dynafit Speed toe piece separately. Phantom Splitboard Bindings/Keffler may have some Dynafit Speed Ultralight toe pieces…[Read more]