• I got my christmas present early. A voile split 178 swallowtail! 😀 My wife rocks!!!! Only gotten to use it twice but it is AWESOME!

    Have a great holiday and see yall in the back country!

  • Hey Redux,

    I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago. So many choices and none of them are cheap! After lurking this board and asking a couple of questions about splits I ended up with the voile 178 swallowtail. Like you I don’t ride in the spring (mtn biking and climbing season for me!) and I don’t ride super steep very often.

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  • Mostly been up to RMNP and around Guenella pass and the area around Jones Pass. But looking to do more Summit county lines this year. I guess my question is will the swallowtail perform in breakable crust conditions (seems like that is the snow condition that is prevelant here in CO unless you can make it out right after a storm)

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