• Boardergirl-

    I hope you guys have better success with the boards this year, I appreciate the cool pics your buddy sent my way as well. One was my background on my work computer- Some female ripping it up at high speed, musta been you?
    Also this saves answering on another thread of yours. I served 4 years in the US Army in Germany and spent 2 of…[Read more]

  • Thanks BCR for the great community you’ve created here! Thanks for all the energy you’ve been pouring into the whole split scene! 8)

    Second, thanks to all the splitters who showed up! 😀

    I had a great time meeting everyone and showing you guys some of our backyard on Saturday. Hope you all enjoyed the long road out, and the mandatory thumb…[Read more]

  • Jon,

    The Wasatch Mountain club is on Brighton Resort Property. The Resort is located at the very end of BCC.


    We’ve been getting HAMMERED with snow, and it will be continuing the entire weekend! Wasatch Pow for everyone!!!! 😀

  • P420- Since you’ll be staying in West Valley, there’s a dive right by where I live called Q4U, and they’ve been voted in the top 10 in the US for BBQ. Highly recommended. Or the trendier Sugarhouse area has Sugarhouse BBQ, also good.

  • The Splitfest starts Fri evening at 7PM at the lodge. There will be people in town that want to tour Friday, this forum is the best place to organize groups for that. There is no guiding at the fest, just many locals willing to show splitters our bc.

    Touring on Sat and Sat will be in the form of many smaller groups (safety reasons) and from…[Read more]

  • The Wasatch Mountain Club has repaired their plumbing, so the event is back on at the Club! 😀

    Plan on being at the club Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 PM for our evening events. All details about tours will be announced Friday evening, so don’t miss out. Our groups will have limits on the number of people for safety reasons, so we won’t be…[Read more]

  • Tophervw-

    Sounds like maybe you got shipped the wrong screw length on the climbing bars. Should be a 5/8″ length, you might have been sent 1/2” accidentally. Contact Voile, and we’ll get you dialed.

  • 9:30!!! Somebody needs to stop drinking so much wine! I solo’d it this morning on a pre-work dawn patrol, and got up at 4AM. Where were you guys?

    Out 5 days this season so far. I’m out every weekend, so PM me if anyone wants to join in. Also plan on at least one dawn patrol per week.

    Surf’s Up 8)

  • I’m going to do my best to make it there, hopefully I can scrounge up a few other SLC guys. It would be cool to meet more like-minded fanatics!

    WSR- Shoot me a PM with a shipping address, and I’ll make sure you get a box of Voile gear for a raffle! Hopefully that will be ok? 😉

  • Once you have the new tip/tail hooks, an at home fix is to roll the rivet over using a slider pin. Assemble the pieces appropriately, and then use a rubber mallet and hammer the slider pin into the end of the rivet. If the top of the rivet is braced securely, the rivet will begin rolling over. Just work it until the tension is correct. Of…[Read more]

  • Both Winterstick and Burton are offering splitboards this season COMPLETELY inserted for Voile hardware. Both manufacturer’s boards will arrive in shops with the Voile tip/tail clips, and chinese hooks installed. The end user will then need to purchase the Voile Universal Binding Interface. This kit contains all the additional hardware to get…[Read more]

  • There will definitely be a Voile sponsored Splitfest in the Wasatch again this season. I’ve heard some interest from Couloir in having it here, but no official response yet. Regardless, there will be a Wasatch Splitfest. My personal choice would be for January or February to increase the odds for some legendary Pow. There will also be some key…[Read more]

  • We have the 161 Gun in stock now. You can select it on the online store, and the order will go through. We have so many presold to retailers etc., that the board is almost sold out for the season already.

  • Splitters- if anyone is having any issues with Voile products, contact us for warranty replacements asap!

    CJ, everyone I know would be skinning with their climbing bars up on a slope that steep. If the bars are up, the tab at the back of the slider track never comes in contact with anything. Your issue is probably metal fatigue, and is…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all the positive response, and congrats to BCR for “getting it up”! 😉

    I’m psyched for WSR, and I’m jealous as the Skillet is on my short list too.

    I heard a rumor that Voile is running a very small (10 or so) production of the 161 guns starting shortly. Should be a few available for the rabid splitters needing a serious tool for…[Read more]

  • Quota-

    Remove the paper, install the skins on the appropriate board halves making sure that they are bubble free and laying naturally and not tweaked to one side or the other. Make sure the base is completely covered under foot, and then run the trim tool down the edges of the plank. As BCR stated, you’ll get max traction with no metal exposed.…[Read more]

  • Awesome job on the home split, especially considering the peculiar details of the 4807.

    I have a 168cm that I’ve been wanting to cut and your photos just added more stoke. What a great board for pow!