• I’m so glad I had time to sit and read this whole thread, there are so many points and many experienced riders to glean knowledge from. So, thanks you guys. :thumpsup:
    I have a couple quick points to add:
    First, no one has mentioned the GoPro thing. Something that adds to the desire to take more gnar lines is riders wanting righteous footage on…[Read more]

  • is it snowing?

    I guess the weather isn’t exciting enough to post about

    Actually, it was so good everyone was outside shredding. For real. Straight fresh pow in Tahoe for over a week now. Its warming up so its starting to get gloppy, but it’ll start corning up soon.
    Epic storm system. Hope everyone got out to enjoy.
    Another one coming in this…[Read more]

  • DesoHoe replied to the topic Tour de Steeps in the forum Trip Reports 10 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks guys, yeah, we were pretty excited about the right chute and our climb into it. snow keeps getting better and better. hope you all are enjoying it.

    Bones- its “The Pilot Song” by The White Buffalo. And I had a really tough time finding their music, most of the stuff online is in live recordings only, but they are an awesome band.


  • umm, first off, thnx for mentioning the Mo-Mart (we were all thinking its about time to head that way, for good skiing- and the mo-mart).
    And yes, we were slaying pow all through May last year. K-wood even had enough snow to turn a lift on July 4th.

    We tour somewhere around Tahoe every weekend, i grew up here, so I’m pretty familiar with the…[Read more]

  • Thnx for that. Awesome spree for sure. Those are some great lines, looks like a lot of fun.

  • I was gonna comment on this post about a week ago and then got busy at work and had to come back to it. Am so glad I did, cause there’s so much more on here now. NIICE!
    Here it goes: I would highly recommend not split skiing. As efficient as it seems, the equipment- straight up- is not made for it. I’ve bent touring brackets and actually cracked…[Read more]

  • I’d definitely contact voile.
    I broke my splitty a few weeks ago, but it cracked right under the touring brackets (which makes sense, seeing as thats where all the wear goes during climbing). The break in my board looked like a fatigue crack from aggressive climbing and split skiing, but it was also a home-split, so it makes sense that it broke at…[Read more]