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    @dave wrote:

    the guy’s at work didn’t believe me when i showed up in all my gear, but i ultimately convinced ’em when i showed them my board that split apart into ski’s. completely foreign device to them.


    my favorite encounter like this was at a gas station when the cashier/attendant asked us ‘are those there remote control…[Read more]

  • @dave wrote:

    sick! everyone needs to check out one of the last films titled “avalanche runs with jeremy jones” if you haven’t seen the film “draw the line”.

    HOLY SH*t!

    Holy Shit is right. I’ve seen some of those segments before, pretty sweet.

  • @dave wrote:

    nice! cooke rocks. need a sled though for sure. republic is a looong way up if i remember correctly.

    Not so, That’s all i’ve ever heard about Cooke too but this trip was only a 45 minute skin to the base of the ridge, it would be another 15 minutes or so to the faces that would keep you busy for a while. Republic rises from the same…[Read more]

  • @dave wrote:

    isnt that new technology designed for hardpack anyways? splits are for powder. hence the no reply.



    splitboards are for backcountry snowboarding.
    backcountry snowboarding covers more than just powder.

    IMO 😉

  • @dave (aka banker) wrote:

    Not all the family members appreciated it when I attached the pic as an email attachment.

    at least you didn’t post it on the WWW 🙂

  • @dave wrote:

    anti pink.

    so far you are out numbered. Will the white ink work for you on this first batch?
    @dave wrote:

    orange? green?

    I dont think orange will look very good on any of the shirt colors. I was thinking of green ink. Were you thinking of a forrest green or more of a bright, almost neon green?
    @dave wrote:

    i liked the shape of a board…

    [Read more]

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    @dave wrote:

    i have not slept with those liners in the feet of my sleeping bag in temperatures below freezing, as of yet.

    I’d try it before you knock it…I haven’t wore either pair of my boots(K2 Clicker Firebirds/Northwave KJ) wet after camping out yet. I, like Jim, also remove my footbeds and stuff the liners in my bag. I have a…[Read more]

  • @dave wrote:

    what are ya doin shopping at walmart? do you want your kids to have nothing but crap to choose from?
    don’t support walmart. they’re killing the american way.
    stop thinking short term for a second and think long term.

    What kids?

    I actually didn’t buy the camera from Walmart I got it from Radio Shack, but there are just some generic…[Read more]