• Someone said magic words in this thread … red, white…. and nelson

    we are off on our nearly annual pilgrimage to these sacred spots first two weeks in march – got some cat skiing sorted – but apart from that is any one up for a day trip or two ❓

    Hate to think that we old brits would miss a few turns

    look forward to hearing form you if you…[Read more]

  • Simply the most excellent resort on the planet

    beats Chamonix, La Grave, St Anton, Whistler plus most of rest of Canada and any where else we have ever ridden or skied includding lots of US resorts – come from UK so we travel – nearly as good as Heli and cat skiing – get more vertical metres in a dya but not quite as clean lines until you go down…[Read more]

  • what do you mean by not too much money

  • no problem at all with the Burton – look at the engineering and points of contact – 2 is better than one! 😀

  • Bruce replied to the topic goggles in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 15 years, 6 months ago

    one thing to check is do they keep the sun out – we had a huge problem getting “sunny goggles” – less of a problem if you use “sunnies when you hike” then just put gogles on for the riding – most goggles are shit for sun as they are designed for flat light / poor vis – it took use ages to get some with high protection factor… now who is being a…[Read more]

  • Fit fine on a soft boot – obviously not front pointing an ice climb


  • Do you have any ideas how we can find people with snowmobiles (sleds?) who would be interested in taking us in to bc to ride?

    Is that something that “normal” sled owners would do if their gas was paid etc etc – (We come from England – we do not have sleds here so apart from having had a ride on the back once know nothing about…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the welcome guys

    In the 1980’s in England you would be arrested for saying “Dude”

    Part of the problem is that our snow is not very reliable – I think that there are lots of technical bits about climate – maritime / continental etc etc etc but basically the snow comes down nice and fluffy like yours and then changes …. usually…[Read more]

  • wow – what did I do?

    We do have board crampons – like others we found that we had to put put them much earlier than skiers – like the comment on the width of the voile skins v the Burton skins, and the concensus that a tool is a tool, and choose the correct one for the day – guess we all ride rather than ski for a reason – whether it is the turns…[Read more]

  • Excellent – thanks very much for all the advice – we are from the UK and ride in both Canada and Europe – we had hoped that splits would have allowed us to “surf” randonee from hut to hut – it would seem they will, but probably only on a forecast, not on whatever the snow god has laid down or left!

    We were a bit surpised re the comment on…[Read more]

  • Hi

    No we have skins that very nearly go to the edges – the make is [a<]457- and crampons – the boards are S series – the snow was hard and icy and steep…. what we really want to know is what type of terrain splits work in as they were not at all at home where we were? Got no problems with them down hill – except the usual one that Burton think…[Read more]