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  • @802smuggler wrote:

    Thanks. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback for the women on voile 154’s. The venture lineup looks great but I’m not sure they really cater to Vermont conditions. The freebird also sounds pretty cool. Light and tight with rocker and camber. Think I’m leaning that way right at the moment. Will research prior a bit…

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  • @802smuggler wrote:

    Now that the holidays are over my girlfriend has given me the green light to start looking for splits. Just wondering what you all in Vermont are riding. I’d like to be able to really enjoy the deep when and if the snow gets here! But also not be so pow specific that it makes spring riding tricky. Also scouting what the…

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  • BigJay replied to the topic VT Mid-January in the forum Trip Reports 12 years, 3 months ago

    @VT Rider wrote:

    Any thoughts?

    I’ll surely take part in it.

    Don’t have time to put it together… 🙁

  • BigJay replied to the topic VT Mid-January in the forum Trip Reports 12 years, 3 months ago

    Nice stuff. Would have loved to see more action shots of the area. I’ve seen many familiar trees from the south in that video. Good stuff! Can’t wait to see more!

  • @amkaplan wrote:

    I have a question along these lines. I see that the orange icon means there are new posts in the topic, but what the heck does it mean when the icon is blinking or has a black dot on it, or has other differences to the straight icon? I’ve found no explanations so far.


    Blinking = hot topics (more then 10 replies)

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  • Snow Snow Snow and then more snow. That’s a summary of the past 3 weeks.

    Went on a tour Saturday to get away from the crowds. We felt a bit lazy… so we took the lift up and skinned across from the ridge. Main chutes were bumbed up. Lots of heroes were bootpacking the skin track and putting 6in holes on the climbs… no one was riding with a…[Read more]

  • @alexhlesieur wrote:

    I tapped the baseplate and the channel. I used locktite to make sure they don’t loose. What you think the tread are going to rip ?

    There is a lot of tension in those bolts from riding. If the lower part is only threaded aluminum… then i’d be scared… I would run a few tests… Mount the bindings on the board and put the…[Read more]

  • Nice stuff!

    I saw the post earlier, didn’t realize it was you!

    Lookin good! We’re in Sutton friday evening and saturday, i’d love to drop by and check it out!

    And for the touring brackets: I’d go for the Voile system… More compatible with other stuff: Crampons, sparks, etc…

    Interested in going on a tour on sunday? A group of us is heading…[Read more]

  • Did some of the best turns ever on sunday. Conditions are amazing. Snow is pilling up and is pretty dense but thick. Perfect conditions to surf! Temps were brutal but did i mention the best snow conditions EVER?

    Hopefully, we’ll get some more snow this week to refresh things up… but man, am i craving for more!

  • You can also arrange to pick up your package at the FedEx shipping center/offices/facility if it’s close. Then you’ll do the paperwork your self and pay only the taxes.

    I rarely ship stuff across the border unless it comes via CanadaPost or USPS!

  • @grubbers wrote:

    deep is an understatement for today.

    watch out anywhere there wasn’t a decent base before this storm, you’ll quickly find out whatever’s lurking underneath if you aren’t careful.

    Agree for both!

    Everything off the Jet at Jay was great except a few woods that need more maintenance to ride them this early in the season. Still…[Read more]

  • Northern VT is getting pounded:
    Jay: 23in
    Stowe 20in

    More came down today.

    We’ll let you know tomorrow how things were… not base building material… but we’ll check it out…

  • I bought BD’s tail clips and have used them succesfully for a while now. It’s simple and easy to do… the notch on the board took only a second and it’s purely cosmetic… the metal edge is still there… it’s only thinner… just enough to hold tension from the clip


  • Saw it saturday finally!

    The best movie experience i’ve had in a while… exactly what i was expecting with huge lines and high expectation after sitting out thru a storm. No jibs, no stupid stuff a la Jackass. Just well documented riding and mountaineering.

    Now if we could just get some snow over here!

  • Conditions were crappy compare to last week’s unexpected 8-10in… Jay received snow thru the week… but it rained on friday… things were “interesting”… hard pack… very hard pack…

    Day 3 on the slopes of Jay this year already… first time to the summit… I’ve never ridden this much before the season’s stard and not done the Jet… it’s…[Read more]

  • @avalancheman wrote:

    why wont my new board get here…… i need to ride…….

    You don’t need a new one for such little snow… Maybe you should grab one of mine… Option Makinen 164 w/ bindings -180$ // Burton Malolo 162 w/ bindgins 250$

    How does that sound? Everything is in great condition… just needs to see snow once in a while!

  • Had to be in Sherbrooke today… on the way back, i could see Orford, Owl’s Head and Jay Peak completely white from top to bottom… There is a good 1in of snow between Sherbrooke and Bromont all along the highway.

    Seems like we had more up north… So, if you’re thinking of midweek turns, Jay Peak would be the pick… apparently, it snowed all…[Read more]

  • Oct 31st

    Started snowing sat. morning at around noon. Snow kept on coming all day and all evening up in Jay.
    3-4in at the base of Jay
    10-12in at the top.

    Great snow on the mountain. Colder condition helped a lot compare to the last snowfall. Not a lot of people on the mountain… Still to thin (IMO) to ride the Jet… but Vermonter and Northway…[Read more]

  • @goliath_2 wrote:

    Very cool… we got a few flakes in Central VT this morning, but nothing of any significance. Can’t wait for a good season. I’m cutting my first board this weekend, wish me luck.

    Good luck!
    (same “Goliath” as on MTBR?)

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