• Another Québec rider ! I ride a Khyber and find it perfect for my needs. Did have a voile and really didn’t like the feel of it in our tight woods. Khyber is so much versatile, does well in all condition but feels at home in steep pillow runs and trees but still can charge in open fields. So much fun. Maybe I biased I always rode tapered board…[Read more]

  • Snowsavage, you should have posted that earlier in June.
    I visited Iceland in late June and brought my MTB instead of the boards…
    There was still plenty of snow left then, splitboarding would have been better than mountain biking at that time.
    I heard from locals that it was an above average year for snow.
    So much potential for great corn riding…[Read more]

  • Sweet video.
    I wouldn’t thought that there would be splitboarders in Iceland!

    I will visit Iceland mid june with my girlfriend. Should I bring my splitboard for some corn runs? Or my mountain bike would be a best bet?

  • Art replied to the topic Rogers Pass in the forum Canada 10 years, 3 months ago

    Was there April 13 to 15. Warm weather and rain up 1700 m first day and previous day was warmer. So mostly all avalanche path below treeline had slid from size 2 to 3.5 (Frequent flyer). A lot of glide cracks on the way up too
    Next days, freezing line lowered and got up to 45 cm new snow in alpine. Best aspects were north facing with dry powder…[Read more]

  • I just got back from 3 days in the Western Chic Chocs. Definitely, winter up there. We got 20 cm of fluff during our trip. Only one sign of thaw, late January ice storm under 50 cm of powder snow for a total snow pack of 4 feet at 500 m elev. Local say they are 2 feet behind the average snowpack. We were able to ride most of the tree areas and…[Read more]

  • So far, not a bad season but neither a great one. Still better than southern Quebec & New England.
    They had only one significant thaw around late january. Most rocks and stumps are now covered. I think you cannot go wrong with the avalanche bulletinn which is one of the best source of information. You can follow them also on their facebook page…[Read more]