After watching the film, what is the one message you hope people walk away with? What action do you hope to inspire them to take?

I hope they walk away with the feeling that we can all be a part of the solution, even if it’s a tiny one. I also hope that people stop pointing the finger at everyone else and hating on who’s doing what wrong. There is too much hate in this world already. I think we need to focus on embracing who’s doing what right and head in that direction as much as we can. It won’t happen over night as this is one of the world’s biggest challenge in history. No one will change it alone either and there will be a lot of failure on the way too but we just have to do our best and keep learning. The power and adaptability of nature is incredible and I truly believe we can live in harmony with it again if enough people care and are aware of severity of the matter.  The changes we’re seeing are warning signs that we must react in order to keep the quality of life that we need for a healthy and peaceful living environment on earth.

Beyond The Little Things, what else are you doing to tackle climate change?

MFR tiny homeI try to take lots of different actions in my own life. I try to buy biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products, I try to buy as local and organic food as possible or harvest myself, I’m getting better at turning the lights and appliances off, I compost and recycle, I try to grow a garden and raise chickens at my house, I have been building this cob house from sustainable materials and techniques for the last 4 years, I shop at thrift stores when I can and bring my used stuff there or to people in need instead of the garbage, I donate to organizations that do environmental and awareness work like POW and The David Suzuki Foundation, I try to use reusable mugs and bags, I avoid to buy plastic bottled water whenever possible, I participated in and organized beach clean ups, I try to read about the issues and stay informed even though I don’t do it enough! I switched my savings and investments into more socially and environmentally ethical companies, I just sold my truck and put my snowmobile for sale to hopefully splitboard more, I’ve bought carbon offsets for my flights and travels, I’m looking into switching my new vehicle to run on wasted vegetable oil… There are so many things we can do! Not everyone can do the commit to the same changes but it’s about doing what you can where you can depending on your own life situation.

A lot of your fellow pro riders talk about how they’ve noticed changes for the worst due to warming temps in zones they ride year in and year out? Can you speak to that? Any examples you can point to?

I’ve seen tons of changes in my life. Just watching the glaciers at summer camps melt more and more each year is a very obvious and scary sight. The winters seem to show way more fluctuations between temperatures than in the past, going from -20 celcius to +2 in a week and several times a year… it’s not only happening in the mountains either. Here on the West Coast, 7 different species of Sea stars have started to die at scary rate since last summer from California all the way to Alaska and nobody can figure out why. It’s a similar scenario as the bees and so many others events. If you start looking into it and pay attention, you can tell it’s happening everywhere and in many different ways. The environmental crisis is affecting all parts of the World, every habitat and every living species are affected as we are all interconnected in this balanced ecosystem.

You’ve spoken quite eloquently about how you don’t have to be a perfect environmentalist to make a difference in fighting climate change.  What’s what one thing you hope to see people start doing today to have an impact?

Like I said, I think people have to be less critical towards what it takes to claim you care about the environment and I think we need to stay positive. I always say this but we were able to fly humans to the moon more than 40 years ago and people are still trying to convince us that we can’t afford to invest in or find greener technologies that would supply enough power for us? I think we are better than that. It will come to a point where we will have to make those radical changes anyways if we want to survive. The longer we wait, the harder, more expensive and more painful it will get though.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I want to make sure that I don’t get all the credit for this. Director/filmer/editor and great friend Darcy Turenne donated so much time, talent and love to this project and it would have probably never happened if she said no when I first approached her to do it. Her magic is what made the film. Natalie Langmann and Chelsea Waddell have also volunteered so much work throughout the whole process and I couldn’t be more grateful for their help.

Thanks to all the riders who agreed to be involved and took time out of their busy schedules for us. There are SO MANY more people I should thank but I guess you’ll just have to watch the film and read the credits as it would take me a few more pages I think! But I’d really like to give a very warm thank you to all the help and support we got along the way, especially all of our Kickstarter Backers. So many fellow athletes, friends, family members and people in the snowboard community donated towards this project and made it happen for us. A huge thank you to all our sponsors as well, thanks for supporting this message and I feel very fortunate to be able to use snowboarding as a tool to hopefully ensure many more powder days for us and the next generations.

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