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9. Jack Mountain, Elevation: 9,066 Ft

[auto_thumb width=”600″ height=”420″ lightbox=”yes” align=”left” title=””iframe=”false”][/auto_thumb]Looming above Ross lake and Highway 20—and hovering over 7,000 feet above the valleys below—Jack Mountain is truly the giant of the North Cascades. My first view of the north side of Jack was mid-traverse of the Pickett Range. I quickly fell in love with the line and knew that one day I would have to head back.

10. Maude, Elevation: 9,040 Ft

[auto_thumb width=”600″ height=”420″ lightbox=”yes” align=”left” title=””iframe=”false”][/auto_thumb]The North face of Maude legendary within the ski-mountaineering crowd. It offers more then 3,000 feet of sustained big mountain skiing, but it only gets skied a handful of times a year. During the summer it’s an easy stroll up the south side via trail but during the winter/spring an approach to this remote peak can take days.

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