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The folks over at G3 have made some revisions to their Alpinist Splitboard Skins for the 2015/2016 season. G3’s two models, the Alpinist and Alpinist High Traction will remain virtually unchanged in terms of their synthetic fiber construction. The Alpinist will remain the choice for those preferring additional glide while the High Traction will still offer approximately 10-20% additional traction. The changes this year will be centered around the new asymmetrical nose and tail connectors. The revised nose connectors will have a fixed handle and the updated tail connectors will allow 16cm of length adjustment. With the increased adjustability of the tail connectors, G3 will only be offering two sizes, Long (Board Length 162-178) and Short (Board Length 147-163).



Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.


  • eric says:

    I sure hope my 163 has better skin coverage near the tail than that demo they are showing…. can you say more slip, less grip? hopefully this helps with the tip clips not breaking so much.. I have two pairs and carry two voile straps…

  • Andrew says:

    I have a set of smalls, just measured, there is about 46 inches of skin material, my medium spark skins have 56inches of skin, guess I’ll be returning these.