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Anticipate Terrain

I’m not talking about the gnarly lines, rather the micro terrain you see every day. Being on a snowboard has slight disadvantages when certain terrain is encountered. I am constantly assessing what’s ahead of me on a micro level to make sure I never get sucked into a piece of terrain that exaggerates those disadvantages. Pre-trip planning and scanning the terrain ahead of you on the up and the down goes along way for splitboarding in the mountains.

Dial Your Kit

Make sure your everything is tight and working properly. Loosing a strap or breaking a binding because you forced it can have terrible consequences, especially if you’re a ways out there. And if you dial in a quality, lightweight set up, you’ll have bigger lines to feast upon, and more success when you get out there.


There you have it. I’m no Jedi but I’ve spent a lifetime in the mountains on a splitboard and I’m hoping for a lifetime still ahead… with more splitters out there to enjoy it with. My rig just got over a pound lighter with Phantom bindings and a G3 Black Sheep Carbon X3 deck, so I’ll be going as deep as I can get. See you out there.
Joey Vosburgh

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