Featured TR: Crossing Kodiak Island

Editor’s Note: This video trip-report created by splitboard.com forum member Phillip.ak, will make you want to drop what you’re doing and head outside. This beautifully shot solo mission across Kodiak Island in Alaska is certainly worth the three minute watch. Check out the original post in the forums here.

Words and video by Phillip.ak

I just did a solo 3-day trip across Kodiak Island. It is a route I have hiked in the summer before, but with a stretch of good weather this spring I decided it might make a fun tour on my split. I was in pure travel mode and didn’t try to bag any peaks or seek big lines (especially since I was alone). I just used my split as an efficient way to follow the spine of Kodiak Island from the village of Old Harbor back to my home in Kodiak. Enjoy.

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