Once we returned to civilization we learned of a storm system heading to our favorite resort of Nevados De Chillán. Two seasons prior we had spent 3 weeks in this zone with great success and hoped to replicate the times we had. But as usual the Andes had different plans for us and we enjoyed the powder we could find and decided to head where the storm had moved to farther up north to El Cajon Del Maipo to link up with a Chilean crew of splitboarders.

Located about two hours South East of the capital city of Santiago, Cajon Del Maipo is a relatively unexplored area of massive mountains.  At the east of this area 6 miles from the border of Argentina is Volcán Marmolejo standing an impressive 20,039ft. Our plan was to camp as close to the base as possible and explore the neighboring peaks. Once again the Andes proved as volatile as it gets as we were greeted by a serious snowstorm along our route. With “El Gato Cosmico” at the helm of the truck and six of us shoveling a couple kilometers of snow we managed to make it to a shanty looking structure and set up camp as it snowed sideways upon us.

You could spend seasons here and never do the same line twice. With couloirs, valleys, big bowls and natural hot springs, there’s a bit of everything here to be had. We spent the next two days exploring as much as we could and then enjoying the cold in the company of pals at night. Who needs lifts or snowmobiles when you have your legs and a good crew of friends.

As always when you’re having a blast time flies and we had to to say goodbye to our good friend Curtis Woodman. Chile did not disappoint, and was as unpredictable as ever, which in turn always makes the adventure more fun.


STEEP-N-DEEP, Cajón Del Maipo

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