Anatomy of a Splitboard

Climbing Skins

“Skins” is a slang word for climbing skins which are the strips of material used on the bottom of the splitboard during tour-mode for traction. Skins have a velvet-like feel which easily slides in one direction (uphill) and grabs in the opposite direction (downhill). The tiny hairs are called the skin’s “plush” which grip the snow and provide impressive traction up the mountain. Check out The Approach page for useful tips on skinning and ways to maintain your skins. Take care of your skins and don’t forget them at home!

Voile Tractor Skins    


G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins

Alpinist Splitboard Skins

Splitboard Crampons

Due to the width of the splitboard skis in tour mode, traversing and edging is inherently more difficult than using skinnier approach skis. Lots of practice, good skinning technique, and stiffer boots can alleviate much of the issues but the ultimate solution can often be splitboard crampons. They can be very useful on firm and icy slopes or on long sidehill traverses. In these situations they can make your life much easier and you’ll be glad you have them. Voile, Spark R&D, and Karakoram each offer their own splitboard crampons


Voile Splitboard Snowboard Crampon                                                         

Spark R&D

Spark R&D Sabertooth Splitboard Binding Crampons


Split30 Splitboard Crampon