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The Boards

As stated in our FAQ, a splitboard has a similar shape and construction as a normal snowboard. The only real difference is that the splitboard “splits” apart to form skis for the ascent. Each ski has metal edges on the inside for additional control when in touring mode, particularly when traversing up the mountain.

Since splitboards are typically designed for powder riding the boards generally have an all-mountain freeride shape. Specialty boards like the Prior and Voile Swallowtails are also available. As the technology improves, these shapes are continuing to evolve and the boards are becoming more and more versatile, especially in conditions other than powder.

The Bindings

Most any regular snowboard bindings will work with a splitboard. Ideally you’ll want a lightweight binding that has a narrow profile and is durable. You’ll connect your bindings to your splitboard with the Voile Universal Splitboard Interface which includes 2 Slider Tracks, 4 Pucks, 2 Climbing bars, 2 Climbing brackets, and hardware. The Slider Tracks are machined pieces of aluminum that screw onto your binding through the standard 4×4 disc. The Slider Track allows your bindings to be easily changed from ride-mode to split-mode and is the primary connection between board and bindings. Once attached to your bindings the Slider Track slides onto the Pucks (see below) and is held in place by the Slider Pin.

Voile Universal Splitboard Interface

Ultimately the best option is a splitboard specific binding and we’re happy to report there are multiple choices in the market today. Spark R&DVoile and Karakoram are the current front runners in the softboot binding catagory. Splitboard specific means that the interface connection between board and binding is built into the binding. This allows for a lighter, lower profile binding and better user experience. Due to the increased demand for hard boot specific bindings, several companies including Spark R&D, Voile, and Phantom now offer hard boot bindings. Here’s a look at the bindings.

Soft Boot-

Spark R&D Tesla binding

More info here.

Spark R&D Magneto Splitboard Bindings - 2014/2015

Voile Light Rail

More info here.

Voile Light Rail Splitboard Bindings - Women's - 2014/2015


The Karakoram system uses a proprietary interface that has really stepped up the game due to it’s creative and effective design.  This new interface no longer relies on the Voile Pucks.

More info here.

Hard Boot-

Spark R&D Dyno

More info here.


Voile Mtn Plate Kit

More info here.

Voile Mtn Plate Kit

Phantom Binding

More info here.

Phantom Bindings

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