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If you’re on the hunt for soul turns, effortless arcs in the POW, or just grins, one of this seasons surf inspired splitboards may be your ticket. We’ve compiled a Surfy Splitboard Shape Guide which features different boards ranging from large displacement shorty boards, retro style swallowtails and even an 144cm asymmetrical design. With so many options it’s hard to keep thinks straight so here are the surfy offerings from Amplid, Chimera, Jones Snowboards, K2, Korua Shapes, Moss Snowstick, Never Summer, Pallas, Prior, Rossignol, Spline, TahoeLab, Trapper, Voile, and Winterstick. For comparative purposes we have included a specification table at the end of the guide.





After experiencing the shocking weight advantage of the Milligram’s construction, it’s impossible to revert to heavier alternatives. The Millisurf is the choice for splitters who want the performance orientated materials and features of the Milligram in a more surfy board shape. Carbon laminates, a BBP core and low viscosity resin, also known as the holy trinity of splitboard construction, strip weight like it’s going out of fashion, making ascents fast and painless. The tapered swallow-tail shape of the Surfari, with its unique three-dimensional Crust Buster Nose, transform this thoroughbred climber into the ultimate split for pillaging powder. Innovative thinking is how Amplid approaches durability: Tanga Tech, Glass Impact Pads and Powder Pontoon are three cleverly placed reinforcements which solve the problem of chipping, crack propagation and bending failure which can plague lightweight carbon splitboards… but not this one.







Chimera Snowboards

Unicorn Chaser



The Unicorn Chaser has the float of a swallowtail with the agility of a park board, and gets more powder under it’s nose than Tony Montana. The massive taper will keep you harvesting snow long after the storm cycle has passed, while the tight sidecut and short tail provide a nimble and responsive platform, making this board surprisingly versatile in any conditions.







Jones Snowboards




The Hovercraft Splitboard truly shines in the backcountry. It’s nimble, squat shape provides the float of a much longer board but the short running length makes it super maneuverable in the tight trees and lighter on your legs skinning up. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you surfin’ on top of the soft stuff, while the stiff tail keeps you stable through any unexpected crust. For added edge grip on ascent or descent, the Hovercraft Splitboard has inner/outer edge Traction Tech. The Hovercraft Splitboard also features stainless steel tip and tail reinforcement plates for added durability plus a sustainably harvested bamboo topsheet for added ECO-performance.






Storm Chaser Splitboard



The otherworldly performance of the Storm Chaser could not be contained to just the resort boundaries. The Storm Chaser Splitboard unlocks access to those remote frozen swells and packs insane float into a short, but still high volume board. The ultra-wide waist width maximizes the float of the shortened running length and the Surf Rocker profile pops the nose even further out of the snow when you step on the gas. Turn your tightest tree runs into a GS course on this nimble stick on even the deepest days. The Storm Chaser Splitboard features the Boltless Bridge which eliminates base hardware and Karakoram ultra clips for improved connection between board halves.











The Ultracraft Splitboard is one of the lightest, most technically capable splitboards on the planet. Despite it’s featherweight, the Ultracraft is rock solid on descent as the directional rocker nose delivers float while the stubby, stiff tail offers powerful board control. The Ultracraft is built with our most advanced materials including a Textreme Carbon topsheet, an ULTRA ISOcore and a Sintered ULTRA base that’s modified with fluoro and paraffin additives for better glide and increased durability. The Ultracraft also features the Boltless Bridge which eliminates base hardware and the Karakoram Ultra Clips for improved board connection. New for 2018, the Ultracraft Splitboard has a limited edition, hand numbered serial badge and advanced new fiberglass that improves strength by 15% without adding weight.







K2 Snowboards

Split Bean



Smooth style, surfy fluidity, and the easiest kick-turn ever combine on the Split Bean to create a unique backcountry access experience. At 144cm, the Split Bean is lightweight for laps in your favorite zone, and its wide nose and swallowtail deliver all-time powder snow float and maneuverability. K2’s unique nose grommets center skins for glove-friendly precise placement and lightning quick transitions. Does not come with binding mount pucks, heel risers, skins, or split-mode binding pivot attachment.






Korua Shapes

Pencil Splitboard



The Pencil Splitboard being the longest board in the pointy tip range is nice for speedier turns and effortless changing of edges in deep powder. It feels quite reactive and shorter than it actually is. Designed to keep the speed coming out of deep pow turns, the pointy nose keeps the spray out of your face and allows a smooth initiation of turns. It features Plum clips, nose and tail hooks, a Voilé insert pattern (most used in the industry), and it fits Karakoram and Spark bindings.




Moss Snowstick

58 Swallow Powder Flex/Splittable



Stiff or split. With the Powder Flex boards, you are getting a board with an ABS sidewall running down the center, making it splittable for splltboarding. The ABS also makes the board slightly stiffer, not to be lost during the splitting process. Powder Flex boards will be recognized by the yellow Moss logo on the base.







U4 Powder Flex/Splittable



Stiff or split. With the Powder Flex boards, you are getting a board with an ABS sidewall running down the center, making it splittable for splltboarding. The ABS also makes the board slightly stiffer, not to be lost during the splitting process. Powder Flex boards will be recognized by the yellow Moss logo on the base.







U5 Powder Flex/Splittable



Stiff or split. With the Powder Flex boards, you are getting a board with an ABS sidewall running down the center, making it splittable for splltboarding. The ABS also makes the board slightly stiffer, not to be lost during the splitting process. Powder Flex boards will be recognized by the yellow Moss logo on the base.







Never Summer

Swift Split



Now you can have the tightest tree surfing, chunder busting, face shot getting, ass kicking board with the ability to pioneer and access backcountry zones oyu’ve only dreamed of. Introducing the new Swift Split. Featuring our new Fusion Rocker Camber Profile with early rise nose and tapered swallow tail keeps you on top of the deepest fluff or the heaviest spring dumps. Combine this with the stability of massive Carbon X in the mi-section and Vario Power Grip Sidecut, the Swift Split will mow through anything in its path, including the competition.










Celebrating the changing times of women’s snowboarding, the Zeitgeist is forged for ladies who pioneer big lines or venture beyond the boundaries. The directional snowboard features an early rise, spoon-shaped nose and a stiff, tapered tail for an unsinkable weapon on snorkel-deep days. Its flat profile fades to traditional camber at the rear of the foot, giving riders more stability and control without compromising that elusive surf-like feeling.




Prior Snowbords

Pow Stick / Swallowtail Split


$1099CAN Fiberglass / $1299CAN Carbon

Prior’s Swallowtail Split is the king of big mountain directional powder boards.

The swallowtail breaks down resistance and allows for a more natural stance without the dreaded back leg burn.

With limited taper and a long effective edge, the Swallowtail Split is surprising edge to edge and efficient in variable snow conditions; the tails also flex independently to increase mobility and provide a smooth transition to finish the turn.






Slasher Split


$999CAN Fiberglass / $1199CAN Carbon

The Slasher is our latest standout shape to join our line up for 2016.17

The Slasher can be ridden 3-5 cm shorter than the Fissile due its longer effective edge and short swallowtail.

A short radius, longer pow nose and small swallowtail primes this board to slay all terrain from top to bottom, in true Whistler fashion. It allows for tight carves, stays on top with ease and will even rail on groomers.














XV Sushi LG Split



A tribute to the intersection of snow and surf and the roots of snowboarding in Japan, circa 1990, the all-new XV SUSHI SPLIT is the newest splitboard design from Xavier De Le Rue. Featuring our innovative new L.I.T.E. Grip technology and throwback directional “fish” shape, the SUSHI delivers on-demand edge hold for a surprisingly versatile ride and effortless powder slashing fun.






Spline Snowboards

What? the split



What the? Exactly. Welcome to a symmetrically asymmetrical world. With a heavy influence from our favorite surf shaper (Ryan Burch), the physics of powder riding were re-examined and the What? was created. Starting with FAT shaping, a symmetrical sidecut was added to a shape that is decidedly anything but. Asymmetrical nose, tail and an offset asymmetrical swallow tail all combine to enhance the experience of powder riding in a way you never imagined. All in quite possibly the shortest board you’ll ever ride.

​Features: FAT, Carbon (C-10) infused triax/biax fiberlgass blend, camber to early rise tips, SERS, Spline Science Shaping, Taper Tips, full length wood core, bio resin epoxy, sintered die cut bases,  full wrap edges, sandwhich construction with UHMWPE sidewalls. With the clear topsheet option and resin tint, each board is 1 of a kind.

​”What the Split?” features:same as above and Superlight construction (same weight as our standard board!), Perfect Pivot, full inside steel edges, and Voile hardware






Your ticket to the white room, our PowFish has a fat floaty nose, directional stance and swallow tail, all aimed at letting you lean back and and enjoy those soul-carves.

Our boards have an early rise tip and tail to allow them to be more maneuverable in tight spaces and float effortlessly in deep snow. Early rise tip and tail enable easier turn initiation at high speeds and give the boards a loose, playful feel when fooling around at slow speeds. By adding extra width we eliminate toe and heel drag for riders with average to above average size feet, whether trenching deep carves or dropping into a steep, icy chute. Our wider boards also give great float in powder and a bigger platform when landing airs.Our unique Bull Shark tip and tail design allows for a longer effective edge on a shorter board, giving a more stable ride when the board is on edge. The Bull Shark design also gives more flotation in soft snow.

At TahoeLab we use full sheets of aerospace grade, intermediate modulus carbon fiber in every board. Adding carbon fiber gives our boards a livelier flex, reduces the overall weight, and prevents them from losing their strength and pop after seasons of hard riding. Our Bamboo cores have a great strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for lighter, snappier boards and is the most renewable core material currently available. Our bamboo is responsibly harvested and FSC certified. TahoeLab boards use DuraSurf™ sintered base material, which offers superior toughness and resistance to rock damage as well as providing excellent wax absorption and a super fast ride. By removing the edge from the tip and tail area of our boards we have lightened the swing weight and reduced the chance of the boards getting hung up on rocks in a tight chute. Our edgeless tip and tail is also easier to repair if it gets damaged. UHMW (P-tex) sidewalls are recognized throughout the snowboard industry for providing durable edge protection and damping out vibrations while riding.




The Angler Splitboard



This little nugget has been in the back of our minds for a few years and we finally got around to pressin’ out some prototypes last season. Guess what!? They were a lot of fun! The Angler performs almost exactly as you’d expect. All-time hippy slashes, nimble in the trees, just all around giggle inducing in powder. One aspect that you may not suspect is that it really likes to get sendy. We find ourselves hunting every little pillow, hip, roll, or drop. She does get to be a bit of a handful in hard or crusty chop though.

The split version was initially designed with the intention of running it as a bindingless powsurfer when the conditions permit. Thanks to another great local company Almond Mfg. They have been supplying their traction kits since powsurfings infancy. The beauty of the system is that once you get to the top of your line you can decide right then and there whether to shred with or without bindings. We all know you have to be flexible when out touring in the back country. Whether it be unexpected terrain and conditions or the damn ski out.

Despite its short length it is designed to work perfectly with G3 Alpinist skins with an alternate tail clip from G3 which rests in a dedicated notch in the tail. (both the notch and the tail clip can be seen in the images above)

It’s wide. It floats. It sends. It’s fun. Comes in 143cm model only with the flex pattern being adjusted to rider size, weight and preference.



Trout Trap Splitboard



The Trout Trap is designed to surf powder. It provides balanced float along it’s length rather than relying on a sinking tail to keep the nose up. This creates a board that is highly maneuverable and carries as much speed as possible through all terrain. This means bigger pow slashes, more face shots, and no getting stuck in the flats. It’s a go to board in the quiver for any fresh days or for seeking out and destroying your favorite pow stashes. For those that surf water in its liquid state, this board is a true translation of a fish surfboard; extra float, short, nimble, and generates plenty of down the line speed. Catch more waves on the Trout Trap! The Trout Trap best suits riders looking to add a powder board to their quiver or the lucky rider that only rides pow.








V-Tail Splitboard



Thank you, Dimitrije Milovich. As the original founder of Winterstick, you gave the world of backcountry snowboarding an idea that has stood the test of time: “The Swallowtail.”

A swallowtail snowboard is an incredible way to carve deep, deep powder. The basic idea of it all consists of a highly-navigable nose, coupled with a fork-shaped tail that drops into the snow and spits it out the back.

In 1999, Voilé gave the world our “195 Swallowtail,” a split version of the sacred design. Unlike Dimitrije’s boards, Voilé’s contribution instantly gave powderhounds access to acres and acres of untracked snow. After several years of hibernation, Voilé Manufacturing has proudly resurrected a new swallowtail splitboard that we now call the Voilé V-Tail.

A medium-flexing board, The V-Tail is now offered in a range of shorter lengths. Its long camber length makes for very-advantageous skinning, while its new rockered nose makes the original swallowtail concept even-more efficient.

The V-Tail’s cap construction, Aspen core and carbon-fiber construction lend a hand in reducing the board’s overall weight. (You knew that was coming, right?) And unlike many swallowtail boards, a 2mm steel edge completely follows the interior of the v-tail shape.

Yep, Voilé. Simple. Solid. Backcountry. And “retro.”



Original Swallowtail Splitboard



Optimized to float in the deep stuff, the Original Swallowtail® has defined Winterstick since 1972. Keeping you aloft is the longest and widest nose in the industry: (340mm wide and 570mm long), matched with the long swallow tail, delivering a low swing weight while still being there to prop you out of the back seat.

By combining all these tricks, this board allows the rider to lean on the front foot without sinking the nose, creating a more centered and effective stance and making the board incredibly maneuverable at low speeds and awesomely powerful at mach 5.  Featuring Dura Jet Base, Profile 129 Steel Edge, P-Tex Sidewalls, Eastern CanaPRODUCTS dian Poplar Core, Tri-Axis structural layers and Nylon Topsheet – this board will most likely outlive you.

This splitboard will come with Karakoram hardware, the highest performance splitboard hardware in the industry.

Coupled with the updated shape comes Winterstick’s mix of ultra high quality materials – Dura Jet Base, Profile 129 Steel Edge, P-Tex Sidewalls, Eastern Canadian Poplar Core, Tri-Axis structural layers.

Available in graphic and  select woody veneer top sheets – Elm, Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, Ash and Domestic Red Gum.













Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.


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  • Sunny Hamilton says:

    The Amplid split is by far the strongest lightest split board I have ever experienced. I have been riding the same board for three winters over 400 days with no complaints. I like it so much I ride it as my daily choice even when I’m not planning on touring. The thin responsive construction gives you such a connection to the snow ❄️ . it’s super strong too. I’ve put it thru everything from couliours to wide open pow faces to icy refrozen corn and it excels. No complaints here. I’m ready to try the even surfer 🏄 Milisurf ! Thanks Amplid for making the perfect ride .

  • Martin Sammet says:

    Nice selection. Miss the Pogo Splitboards. They made surfy powdershapes way before it was fashion. They have a lifetime warranty for free repairs and are propably the strongest boards out there.

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    Apparently swallowtails are hip now 🙄

    Snark aside, great write-up Cbalke! Some inspiring shapes in there.