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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 8:09 pm 

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure the issues I experienced were b/c the F1 we were using was about 9 years old, and had never been serviced. I would guess it had frequency drift and was no longer sending at 457khz (+ or - 80hz).
I think this is far more common than folks realize. I believe tranceivers from before 2001 are especially vulnerable to this because tolerances were looser then. Unfortunately, I sent off the F1 before checking it w/ a Pieps DSP.

I've been especially impressed using the Pulse to find tranceivers in mulitple burial situations. It is amazingly simple to hone in on a specific tranceiver. Pretty cool gadget.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 12:18 am 

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Camgina wrote:
Just played with some of the pulses the other day. They are very nice to use and easy to understand. As for the pulse feature i would never use it. Dig for the person closest to the surface!, then move on. The pulse feature only works with other pulses. So if i show up on scene after a slide and pull out my pulse and dig for who has vitals, i could be missing the people using other beacons that are being reported as having no vital signs. We tried playing around with moving the 'burried beacon' and not moving it to see if it would show 'vitals' and 'no vitals', sometimes it did other time it didnt. Not a consistant result.

As a basic search beacon it is very nice to use but personally i think that the pulse feature is a liability and it will take a few fatalities and reports to get the real info on it.

As for not picking up the f1. Barryvox has a know compatability issue with the f1. There have been cases where people have not been found -Barryvox searching for a F1. You wont hear much of this beacuse barryvox took the reports to court.

As far as any liability, I can't see any occurring. The Triage feature only works with other Pulse's... and this feature needs to be either activated or not damaged during an avalanche to be functioning. Considering the lack of beacons in the marketplace currently with this technology and the possibility of it not functioning, it should never be the feature to rely on first!!! This is clearly indicated by Barryvox.

If you're recovering buried victims using a Pulse (or any DSP beacon), and the victims are not equipped with the Pulse, then *burial depth is always the most important factor. The rescuer should first focus on the victim buried closest to the surface.

The benefit of the Triage feature on the Pulse allows the rescuer to not only rely on the indicated victims *burial depth for prioritizing who to recover first, but the ability to combine the victim's indicated vital data for better deciphering of recovery priority. Now the rescuer has one more bit of information to work with and further their chances of making the right decision on whom to recover first… furthering their chances of recovering a live victim.

This additional feature on this beacon will allow for more lives saved, but is only capable of this with more Pulse's in the field... which brings me back to my plea to all to buy the Pulse.

*Your knowledge of burial depth to recovery time ratios (i.e. time to dig) is needed in the decision process for deciphering whom to recover first. If a victim (equipped with a Pulse or not) is buried 3 meters and another victim (equipped with a Pulse or not) is buried 1 meter; regardless of the victims vitals or lack-there-of being indicated, you should know that the victim buried closest to the surface has the best chances of recovery and possible life!

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