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 Post subject: Drilling out Voile slider plates to make them lighter?
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 6:43 am 
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Hi All,

After coming back from a 3-day tour, I really found that the weight of my kit was a real issue.

Before spending loads more on other boot/binding combos, I'm thinking of drilling out my Voile slider plates as much as is reasonably possible. I'm quite a light rider compared to most people, so figure I could get away with doing this (strength and rigidity wise).

Has anyone else tried this? Or could anyone offer any advice? Any engineers out there could advise on where the stress points are of those plates? I've trawled the forum but not found anything specifically.

I was thinking of doing some holes down each of the sides and then drilling out further holes on the tops. Can draw up a pattern if that helps!



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 Post subject: Re: Drilling out Voile slider plates to make them lighter?
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 8:06 am 
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First question: What is your binding set up? If you are in soft boots and still using the Voile Slider, then the best way to save weight (and get better riding performance) would be to purchase the 2013 version of the Spark Blaze. I saw these at the Silverton Splitfest, and they are very, very, light, and will be no problem for a lightweight rider in terms of stiffness.

If you are using a plate binding set up on the Voile Slider plate, then you are pretty much stuck with what you have. I would not recommend drilling the Voile slider though: it is already pretty light, and even making it total swiss cheese is not going to save much weight, and will compromise stiffness and strength. Remember, that with the Voile set up, the slider plate itself is acting as a beam, and its stiffness determines the stiffness and response of the splitboard.

Overall, if you are looking to minimize weight of your kit, look elsewhere. I have been on a light gear kick for a long time now, and it is amazing how much weight one can save if one takes weight into consideration on all gear items. Clothing for example: many hardshell snowboarding jackets weigh over two pounds, and you can find fully featured jackets which weigh only 18 ozs. or so, same with pants, and packs. Boots vary in weight quite a bit (but I would stay away from the superlight soft boots, unless you are willing to purchase new boots twice a season, they break down and loose their stiffness very quickly).

While drilling out the Voile Slider might save 20 grams or so, considering the weight of all your gear can save pounds.

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 Post subject: Re: Drilling out Voile slider plates to make them lighter?
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 3:30 pm 
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3 day tour, my first place I'd look for saving weight would be my sleep system and pack. Some fully featured packs might weigh 7+ lbs, while you can get an adequate replacement for 4 lbs. I easily cut my sleep system weight in half two seasons ago when I went with a fast pitch setup of an UL tent (Big Agnes Flycreek UL 1) and an ultralight cuben fiber bivy, along with a WM Ultralight (model name) 20F sleeping bag. Saved myself about 6 lbs.

I know these items can be expensive, but if you shop the sales (good time of year for it) you might find you can cut way more weight then just by replacing your bindings. Also, these items will last much longer then bindings as well.

All that said, I'd definitely upgrade from slider plates and a normal binding, not for weight reasons, but for performance reasons.

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 Post subject: Re: Drilling out Voile slider plates to make them lighter?
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 3:15 pm 

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I love the idea of ultra light quality setups but the $ to achieve this is prohibitive for me. I weigh 190 when active :D I could drop maybe 10 to 15 in body weight and be stronger to boot guess i'm going vegan and starting some off season training......Or :guinness: :guinness:

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