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    Need them for this one:

    Built it at the end of the season at a workshop.
    length 186 cm
    nose 31.6 cm
    width 28.2 cm
    tail 31.0 cm
    radius 15 m
    setback 5 cm
    reference stance 65 cm
    cambered, some nose rocker, pretty stiff
    (my specs: height 187cm/6’1; weight 87kg/190lbs)

    So I am not sure what skins to get. As far as I understand the best options are
    1. Get a standard 140mm width from G3 or else. This would give the base coverage under the feet and good glide.
    2. Get a BCA magic carpet 150mm. I would have base coverage except at the sidecut contact points.
    3. A DIY split-skin type affair.

    I am leaning towards the magic carpet. They got good reviews after the upgrade and I like having as much of the base covered as possible (traversing with these planks will be tough enough). It’s just that no one knows or uses them here in the Alps. Does anyone have experience with them on a splitboard (okay, found this viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10228)? Do you have any better suggestions?
    Thanks and cheers,

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    Best skin option for longboards; good question–eager to hear from others as this is a question I have too.

    That said… Beautiful deck! Looks like a very versatile, carefully considered and well-behaving design. Interested to hear more about it.


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    I do 140mm by 2000mm

    That close to what you want?


    Adam West

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    Nice looking board there!! I’m the same weight and ride the same length. I think skin width is your real issue, not length. 140mm is about right for the middle of that board, and you may find that 140 works well almost all of the time.

    I would contact Climbing Skins Direct and see if they will cut you just the width you want. I would think that skin fabric is made in a fairly wide roll and then cut into strips to sell, it’s worth a shot.

    these are 160 wide, I never used them.

    Otherwise when you put the narrower skin on, align it to the edges where you need grip, generally align to the edges on the inside or maybe both uphill edges if you have a long traverse on one side.

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    I’ve cut away a lot of the skin at the nose of my board, I wouldn’t be concerned about full coverage up there. I would want wall to wall carpet from just in front of the touring bracket through to the tail contact points if possible. If it’s too hard to find something that will give you the coverage at the tail you can make up for any sliding on ice traverses with a set of ski crampons but you might have to make your own out of sheet aluminum to get the width you need.

    Another alternative would be to split them and have a sail repair shop sew a scrap strip of sail cloth in between the two strips of plush.

    Skins can be optimized but I’ve found them to be fairly forgiving of minor coverage issues.

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    I ended up buying several pair of old BD skins off ebay and sewing them together to get edge to edge coverage. In the wet snow around here even a little ptex on the edges will result in major slip back. I’m sure I lost some glide but I picked up stability.

    I also ended up doing a bungee tail strap to keep the skin tight and a nose and tail buckle as the BD glue stops working below 0, and if really wet. Two conditions which seem to be more common than I though.

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