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    BCR, PowderJunkie, SanFrantastico…

    I’m volunteering for a worktrip to San Fran. Are you guys available to ride 4/11-12, and 4/18-19?

    It’d be rippin to do some spring riding w/ ya’ll….

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    Sounds like fun! Are you staying in SF? I’ve been a little constrained in how much I can ride lately but I’m sure I can get at least one of those days.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Storn, Yeah I’d really like to get a couple days in. How’z about 4/11, and 4/18. Could you get out those days?

    I’ll be staying in SF. The site I’m working on is in Alameda.

    bones get broke
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    So does this mean your CO trip is off??

    If so, that sucks. I was looking foreward to showing you around the goods.

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    Bones… nope it doesn’t… This is just for work Durango is for play! : )

    I’ll hollar @ you Monday Bones, and get a long weekend planned out.

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    It’s hard for me to commit right now but I can probably pull one day off on the first weekend. Second weekend is out for me, wife’s b-day.

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    Rippin, I’ll PM you gents later, and square away the deeeeetz.

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    I’ve got a wedding on the 11th, but the following weekend can pick you up and we can roll and meet some of the others.

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    Dood-big, That would be the most bueno! Olay!

    I’ll PM ya fellows, and get the details rollin.


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    Fellas, Verizon went on strike, so my trip has been cancelled due to Verizon not being able to put in a new ISDN circuit.

    Alas.. what a shitty year for trips it has been.

    Good news.. I’m applying for a govy spot in Sacramento!

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    If you’re a tech guy you might be okay but, the state gov’t is in disarray (sp?).
    Arnold and the rest of them are turning communist…it’s getting super bad out here man. They are going to charge us a tax (um I mean fee) to pay our F**king state taxes out here. Registration is going to double…if you have a decent job you might want to hold onto it for 2 years then make the move out here.
    It’s getting outrageous w/ the state gov’t and all there bullshit paper pushers. :nononno:

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    Heya mtnrider.. thanks much. This job is for the Beareau (sp?) of Reclamation.
    It’s a fed spot. Yeah, CA definately is having some local government issues. Oh well.. if it all hits the fan :shit: . I’ll retreat to my cabin up nort, eh.

    lock and load.. :ninja: :doobie:

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