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    Favorite quote:
    “Splitboarding in the backcountry is always an epic adventure. When you turn things upside down and look at all the terrain that isn’t a resort you realize the planet is an unlimited shred playground, and most of that is pow!
    Get up early, hike your favorite line then enjoy an Internet hyped, peak season, sunny pow day Saturday lift line. Show up late, do some creative parking at your local resort, get in line and enjoy the show, Don’t even stress the riding… the humans are the real show.”

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    Truth and bullshit in equal measure. Like always.

    There is a good conversation to be had here about achieving work/life balance… a bliss filled life can be yours…

    “Don’t Ever Take Sliding For Granted
    Any time you can put everything aside and get on the hill, feel the wind on your face, the snow on your edges and spend a moment with gravity, water and a slide as your #1 priority, you are winning on such a high level. I think people forget how good life is when you are playing.”

    What took Mervin so long to jump on the skiboard bandwagon?

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    Are they claiming they were making snowboards before sims & burton? Is that true? I know neither invented it… But I always thought burton and sims were the first to really manufacture them…first one I saw and owned was the woody(performer backcountry?), then a cruiser. Then I had a sims with the indented nose and tail…… :disco:
    Sorels :thatrocks:

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