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    Anyone want to get out and dust off the cobwebbs with some pow riding at Wolf Creek Pass this weekend??? Im havig some car issues and was looking to head down since there is a pretty good base and a good dump coming. The riding should be pretty darn good up high. I’m in Fairplay right on the way from summit/denver. If anyone is interested hit me up! :headbang:

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    Man, I wish, but not going to be able to do it this weekend. Locally, there are some spots holding pretty good snow.

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    The wife, some friends and I will be at the resort tomorrow. If you decide to get some lift accessed turns hit me up. Will prob be up around Silverton BC on Sunday.


    Thanks for the offer… but im still looking for a ride there and will more than likely be across the road if i can make it down. Have fun and report back!!! :drool:

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    I wish I could have made the trip down Friday night.

    How about Wolf Creek on Tuesday?


    Looks like the stars are aligning and i have a the next few days off! Lets get down to wolfies and choke on that pow! Looks like a nice refresher coming today & tonight as well. Should be a good day with the sun poping as well! :bananas:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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