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    As a follow up to this thread , we’re stoked to give away a couple copies of this new guidebook from Christopher Van Tilburg and Mountaineers Books (

    Make a post in this thread letting us know one of your favorite splitboard routes in Oregon or if you don’t have one let us know where you’d like to go splitting in Oregon.

    Winner will be selected by our Mountaineers Books contact on March 27th at random by using

    We’ll also be giving a copy away through our facebook page , so technically you’ll have two chances to win (but you can’t win both). For the facebook contest you can copy and paste your same post from this thread but you’ll need to “share” the post with at least one other person to qualify.

    Get us some “likes” too and good luck! :headbang:

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    Anthony Lakes Basin.

    We’re stoked the Bend library got this book shortly after it was published last Fall. I read it through and the information that I have first-hand knowledge of is accurate and clear. I even fact-checked w/ a Mt. Bachelor patroller on the description of a summit route that I wasn’t aware of. Apparently it’s an alternate that’s open late-season. The Eastern Oregon section is excellent, there’s even a few pages on Steens! Excellent guide book, highly recommended.

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    Never split in OR, but after climbing and riding Shasta last summer, I hope to take a road trip this spring/summer and climb/ride a few volcanos in Oregon! The book will help me pick which ones!

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    I love splitting in Oregon. Hard to pick one place, but two of my favorites are Broken Top and Diamond Peak.

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    I am looking to get this book either way as OR is one of the first places we’ll be parking our RV. Here’s to finally pulling out of the driveway in two weeks!

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    I’ve always wanted to visit crater lake in the winter. I know you’re not allowed to drop down to the shore, but I hiked Mt. Scott in the summer and haven’t quite been able to shake the image of myself shredding that NW bowl with views of the lake.

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    That Eagle Cap? place in eastern OR. Yurts and stuff.

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    @silver wrote:

    I’ve always wanted to visit crater lake in the winter. I know you’re not allowed to drop down to the shore, but I hiked Mt. Scott in the summer and haven’t quite been able to shake the image of myself shredding that NW bowl with views of the lake.

    Yeah man Mt. Scott is awesome! I thought the same damn thing. A little off topic but…

    A group of us hiked it in September and there was still a patch of ice and snow! So we had to go and check it out!

    Good times! I would love to go back in the winter. I have seen photos, it looks magical and would love to experience it first hand.

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    Yeah, Mt Scott in winter is pretty sweet 🙂 (well, in Spring it’s sweet, anyway)….here’s a shot from 2007. In case you’re wondering about the compass, we came in from the east side through thick trees (lakeside wasn’t open yet)….

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    I love Oregon! Rainforest and desert. I’ve never splitted there but I’ve surfed there a few times and the waves were great. I would probably need to take a look at that sweet guide book to have any idea where to find the pow!

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    Hell yeah. I’m gonna have to make Mt. Scott happen this spring. Snowpack should be fat this year!

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    Oregon Rules! I already have both books, so not interested in the contest, but here are a
    couple of my favorite trips I’ve done up there.

    16 hours of South Sister from the Mt. Bachelor parking lot.

    Crater Lake Circumnavigation

    A lot of my trips were back in the day before the internet.

    Mt. McLaughlin
    Middle Sister
    North Sister
    Mt. Scott (from the 97)
    Mt. Thielsen

    Here’s one from Pelican Butte

    Mt. Bailey

    Drove out to the Newberry Caldera this past January, but not enough snow. Explored Diamond Peak as well.
    Still need to head farther north to complete my goal of
    getting turns on all the Oregon Volcanoes…

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    First backcountry experience for me was Diamond Peak in may of ’97. It’s an epic if even just for the relative remoteness of the TH’s and length of approach through the wilderness. It’s such a great experience as it’s generally a little-known Oregon volcano that ‘seems’ a lot bigger than it really in how much the peak is sculpted out. It gives you just a taste of technicality on the way up, and is super duper fun coming down. I’ve been back two more times, last in ’06 — but still have yet to do DP on a splitboard. My profile pic is from just above treeline coming down the NW bowl and the bear creek drainage.

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    I dig the lines and snow around Crater Lake, but I love the long lines on Hood. Starting low and getting high, 7000′ vertical descents. Mt Hood provides several options. More bombing, less switch overs gets my vote.

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    Mt. Hood was where I skied for the first time back in 1st grade.
    The PE program at my school included Wednesday ski days. Never forget the Friday night skiing on the frozen slopes in the rain. 1st-3rd grade – then moved to Illinois 🙄
    I’ll have to make it up to Hood one of these days to ski from the summit and complete the circle.

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    Hell yeah Jibmaster,

    The upper slopes of Hood have taught me how to ride on anything.

    It’s cool to see you made the circumnavigation of Crater Lake. We had attempted that last year, mid March, but we received 5′ of snow in 4 days. Ended up riding the tree’s a mile and a half to the east of Steel center. Such great terrain, right across from the center.

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    Right on splitters, stoked to see folks interested in this book and give-away. Here’s the link to double your chances by sharing the post with your facebook friends. :thumbsup:

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    Anywhere in Oregon sounds good, but the Wallowas piqued my interest.

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    new to splitboarding…just finally got a board w skins and hardware…still have more stuff to get…but its a learning experience 🙂

    i think this book would get me pointed in the right direction…around these parts people ride Tumalo Mtn, Vista Butte and Kwohl to name a few…there is the cone at mt bachelor for us rookies LOL

    thanks for doing this contest…and the opportunity to win 🙂


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    Would love to get my split on in OR. Only place I’ve been in OR is High Cascades in the summer about 15 years ago.

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