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    What is the widest factory boards available? Split OR solid, but not reversed sidecut.
    My dream is to float faster and longer then anyon else. Still keep the controle in the trees and be able to lay down as deep turns as possible on softboots as on a carving board.
    I have tryed to go to steeper angle as on my hardboot setup, to avoid booting out. But that makes the agility over bumpy terrain and landings useless! So the only solution left is to go wider.
    I ride Salomon Malamutes size 9,5. I ride 0* to -15* angles in the rear, depending on board. (0* on my Dynastar 4807 with heel-rizer. -15 on my split w flat bindings..)
    I also ride an Alpinepunk Burner free/ extreme-carving board w hardboots.
    My size 9,5 boots are 32cm long, so the ideal test would be equaly wide board. Is there anythin that wide around?
    If I can’t get my hands on anything near that to try out, I have another solution:
    On top of my want list, is a 3-piece split, that could funktion as a true almountain board.
    My plan is to order that board with an extra wide mid-section, to get up to around 32cm. if that turns out to be to wide, I could cut down the mid-section. Or just order another narrower mid-section to use when its to icy to make laydown turns anyway.

    -Radius around the same as an extremecarving board (12-14m)
    -Long early rize in front for efficient float.
    -Pointy tip to pierce through bushes, and over sastrugis! (one of the tings I love about my Dynastar!) The Dupraz turned up, sharp tip could be the optimal shape for. I can see Salomon Rocker and a few other powderskis have the same looong and low shovel, with only the last few cm more sharply turned up..
    -A combination of rocker tail and shallow Swallowtail / Fishtail that won’t hook up in turns on the heavyest of breaking crust! (Have had som nasty experiences on my deeply Swallowtailed, Voile V-tail, on crust covered powder. Not so funt when u see the treeline coming up faster then expected due to decreased friction, and in the same moment find out that something is wrong with the stearing! 😯 )

    So far I have not found anything that comes close to what I want to try out, so I guess custom is the only way to go. Anyone interested?

    Best regards. Gunnar.

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    Widest solid boards I can think of: Elan El Grande, 284mm waist in 171cm size, and Nitro Magnum, 279mm in 171 size (as wide as they get).

    As for going custom, Donek can make completely custom solid boards under 190cm for $900, 190cm+ for $1100. Splits I think add $200. They can do the shallow swallowtail, and most likely the pointed nose, and I believe with custom you can do any rocker/camber profile you like. Sidecut can be whatever you want. All of their stock boards can have width, length, scr, and flex customized free of charge as well, so thats something to consider. I don’t know if they can push the waist width to 32cm, but in all honesty I don’t think a board that wide would ride well in anything but the deepest powder.

    Winterstick can change the waist on their ST or Tom Burt Pro Model, but if I understand correctly thats all you can change, and it might cost extra money. Prior can make it, but it would probably be a bit more expensive, and they can only push the waist out to 285mm max. And I have not been too impressed with the durability of my Spearhead. Igneous is another company that does full custom boards (maybe just splits? not sure) that I don’t know much about. Just a company I’ve heard of.

    I would recommend Donek of the custom options, but I have a Hazelwood split being built by them as I type so you can consider me as biased as you want.

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    Bannana Hammock is 305mm 😆
    DTM has photos.

    The problems is not the waist but what the nose/tail come out as.
    The manufactures are limited to the base material widith I think.
    Keep the sidecut radius large and you’ll have no problems.


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    This Salty Peaks board (below) is purported to be one of the widest available. They don’t publish the specs, but given that it is 194 cm long, it looks really, really wide.

    “A combination of rocker tail and shallow Swallowtail / Fishtail that won’t hook up in turns on the heavyest of breaking crust!’

    For what it’s worth, I have found some powder boards, especially those with lots of forward float (far set back stance, heavy taper, swallow tail, etc), are more prone to hooking up in crust because the sinking tail, which is great in pow, will pierce the crust and hook up in it more readily than a board with a more even fore-aft distribution of surface area.

    Donek is your best bet for a reasonably-priced, high-quality custom design solution.


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    Actually I asked them the specs for the last years version and I remember something like a 34cm nose and 29cm waist.

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    Chimera has a board with a 27.7 waist and told me they have wider. I am looking to get into a Mace and eventually into one of their LARGE RADIUS boards when they come out. You won’t be disapointed

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    Any idea on other specs on this board? SCR and camber profile would interest me most, but all others that you can give would be helpful. I think a Chimera might be on the short list for next season.

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    Large radius and wide… Chimera is exciting me. Indications suggest that they’re shaping up to be one of the most progressive and rider-responsive North American companies.


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