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    Going on four years of getting kicked in the groin, my nuts are getting kinda sore.

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    ^ah. Damn you Facebook.

    There is so much to hate about Facebook. So easy to hate, so hard to stay away from.

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>powslash wrote:</div>
    ^ah. Damn you Facebook.

    There is so much to hate about Facebook. So easy to hate, so hard to stay away from.

    Dude tell me about it. I kicked the habit a few months ago and have never been happier or more productive.
    I re-enabled it yesterday, literally just so i could enter in the FB ski-pole give away. As soon as I hear who won, imma shut’er down again.

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    so is anyone winning?

    got a week at end of February and nothing looks good

    PNW looks like rain has ruined their snowpack, not hearing good things about Utah recently.

    I did get a look at Shasta last weekend and BG posted some sweet pics on TGR. There looks to be good coverage, but needs a refresher bad.

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    I can confirm. shasta is good

    sk8park is dry too

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    ^ Yep. Volcanoes. Lifted these from Cliff Mass blog
    The difference from December to January is bonkers. Northeast Cascadia is looking good. Hwy 20 could open soon at this rate…

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    Wolf Creek isn’t losing, but it sure isn’t what it used to be. 6 or 7 years ago our storm totals were like the over/under of an NFL game, now it’s similar to MLB.

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    As I like call it, it’s the Dick Cheney 2005 Energy Policy Act west-coast blocking high–4th year in a row. It seems like the new rule with Arctic amplification–at least for the time being. It’s one of the reasons I left N. AZ– couldn’t take the disappointment anymore. Decent winters were the rule, now it’s the exception. CA is even worse. Wolf Creek will always do okay, but it’d be great to see some big numbers again soon. Fingers crossed for the spring…


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    I’m so F***N’ sick of pineapples right now! I may never eat Hawaiian pizza again….. after this week Hood will be lucky to maintain 30% of his winter coat. If it’s not sunny… can’t it snow… it’s F’n’ February… Ullr WTF?

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    2014/2015 PNW season “Pummeled by Pineapples”

    I think Dick Cheney’s got Ullr locked up in some bunker.

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    I think Dick Cheney’s got Ullr locked up in some bunker.

    All this Ullr let down. . .
    There’s another, just as much as snow deity as Ullr a snow god, by the name of Skadi (albeit a giantess). And she got Loki’s balls tied to a goat!
    Ahmjusayin’ when the Norns give you pineapples, make a sacrifice to another god. That’s why we have a pantheon.

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    Knock out punch

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    Skadi hmmm… I try to stay away from ball twisting big girls…. I just figured from the images I’ve seen of Ullr…. it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

    Well it seems like Ullr’s dishing out winter for the right coasters.

    That’s the image Powslash! A slow moving, dreadfully unavoidable, N000OOOoooo…., right hook.

    Hood’s now @14% of average snow pack. It’s tough to stay positive when your mountain’s getting pissed on.

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    274″ YTD at Wolf Creeek, only 160″ from being an average season. Thankful we received what we did. The 2 storms in Feb. saved the season.

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    A few run on Easter. Hard to find partnersthough as most gave up on the season in feb.

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    I think Colorado is winning! just like always! even when we have a shitty year there is still SO MUCH to ride its crazy. and our spring season just keeps going! got legit pow 2 days ago.. on mothers day!

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    Utah’s west desert might have won this Saturday. 18 inches of fresh at the top of the couloirs.

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