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    First off, if you’ve never seen whitewater summer, do it. It’s a 1987 Kevin Bacon feel good Classic. Second, it’s good to be back on when Fall is in the air….always feelin good about now :doobie:

    Diggin the new site…and smilies too,BCR :thumpsup: Lots of good tr’s from the summer from everybody. Y’all have motivated me to throw some pixels up from my spring and summer. Enjoy

    Thats a slice of what my summer was like, chasing the snowmelt around. Cant wait to start the cycle all over again this year. Bring on some snow. :drinks:

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    Sick stuff Flow!

    Ya’ll have me honored that such cool TRs get shared here! :headbang:

    And dude, those drops are nuts! With your dslr on the chest even?! 😯 :rock:

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    For someone that has never really boated before, this

    scares the shit out of me 😈

    Sweet dude, thanks for sharing. :thatrocks:

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    Looks like an awesome Summer! I went rafting for the first time last weekend and totally dug it. We did the Tieton in Naches, WA. Super fun!

    I may just take it up as my a new way to spend money….er, I mean sport!

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    haha, that movie is a classic. I love the rope swinging scene, scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

    Sweet TR too, looks beautiful.

    Did you spy Caldwell’s line in that cave?

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    Too bad he can huck waterfalls but can ride switchbacks for shit :duel: :duel: :duel: :puke: :band: :bananas:

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    sorry, couldn’t resist. :bananas:

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    Shiiiit, at least I ride my bike….somebody was just pinnin the curves and decided to take a little detour off trail…when my bike met my face and left me with 10 stitches. Aint no thing. 😥

    Thanks for bein stoked dudes. Eco, ya it scares the shit out of me too sometimes….alot :puke: But kayaking really does teach you to take that fear and turn it into focus. And it’s usually not the big waterfalls that scare me as much as big stompy ass holes like you see in the first pic, in the Grand Canyon.

    SketchyT, stay away if you know whats good for you :mrgreen: This shit IS spendy$$$$

    HFT, I didnt know about Caldwell until i got home and was looking at my friends Alpinist mag where it talked about all that. He’s a big climber and wants to do somethin like that next year. It just takes alot of time when you have a long way to go and soo much other stuff to see. I didnt recall anything about him climbing in the Cave though…course i didnt read the whole article. Watch out, I’m gonna send that shit next year :headbang:

    :drinks: :guinness: :pals: :puke: Just tell me if i’m gettin a little overzealous with the alcoholic smilies.

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    I’m not a kayakin’ fella, but I dig your tr man.

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    @FLOWTORCH wrote:

    SketchyT, stay away if you know whats good for you :mrgreen: This shit IS spendy$$$$

    Too late I think Sketchy has found a new way to spend his money. Here’s some more pictures from his trip.
    Did DR send you these yet Sketchy? I’ll send you some others when I get a chance.Nice to finaly meet you.
    my boat thru Waffle Wall
    (scroll forward to see more)
    with IKers taking the ride of shame

    Great pictures flowtorch, looks like some fun trips.

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    Cool, Refried what river is that? Do you guide? I’m a little jealous of you bein up there in the NW. I’ve got family in Seattle, cant make it up there enough! Have yet to do any paddling there but some day!!! San J Islands are such a beautiful place too! Would love to take the girlfriend and do some sea yakkin.

    Names from my pics are listed in order case you wondered:

    Grand Canyonero AZ
    Wolf Creek CO park and huck
    Piedra River-near durango&Pagosa Springs CO
    Royal Gorge, Arkansas river CO
    N Fork of the Poudre, ft collins CO
    Oh Be Joyful creek
    East River
    Daisy Creek all in Crested Butte

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