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    I did an overnighter this weekend in LCC with a group of twin plankers. For whatever reason, Ive never been to the white pine area in winter until I saw Scotties bowl surprisingly untracked last week and decided to go for a quick tour. At the top I was reminded how bad ass that drainage is.

    Ive never been camping in a full on winter/deep snow environment and decided this would be a good place to give it a go. Pass the idea around and got some takers(more or less all rookies like myself). Not really knowing what to expect we decided to make this a shorter trip so we left the TH at 1, skinned to a campsite I scouted the other day on Scotties which ended up been about as good of a spot as we could have hoped for.

    We set up camp. I went the snow cave route to save weight and because, well, making snow forts is awesome. It was a lot more work than I anticipated and next time I will make some adjustments to make it a bit more user friendly. But overall, IMO its the way to go for winter camping shelter. Im also glad that I brought a pair of spare gloves just for camp set up as they got soaked.

    We finished making camp around 6, and the setting sun was lighting up the drainage beautifully.

    We were set up so close to some great N Facing lines that we had no choice but to go for a twilight run.

    The rest of the gang tending to Camp Type 2 Fun (tiny campfire on the subridge that juts out perpendicular from the main ridge) while me and MM climb up Lake peak.

    Great turns all the way down and didn’t even need the headlamps!

    The next morning was windier and colder than forecasted, which was OK since as we learned, getting moving after camping in the snow takes forever. The colder temps delayed the inevitable wet snow conditions for that day.

    We spent the most of the day traveling around the drainage and finding some good snow on the north aspects. It got really hot around 1 but the high north facing snow stayed dry.

    CH getting his

    The gang on the last run before breaking camp and heading back.

    After breaking camp we got one more creamy 800 foot run down to the drainage bottom before the suffer fest reverse slog began. The was about a mile of flat/slightly uphill that we had to negotiate before the final decent trough wet, chewed up chunder mank before we were at the TH.

    The whole thing was a ton of fun and I think Im going to try do this every weekend there is still good weather and good snow.

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    Nice Work. That’s a cool zone for sure. You could camp upper whitepine then drop in to some of those rarely ridden lines into the American Fork side, that would be sick. Take care.

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    That sunset photo is great!

    Looks like a fun area. I love winter camping and find myself opting for overnighters over day trips often! Just a great experience!

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