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    My Thanksgiving morning project mounting this axe I made over the summer into my compactor pole. I created the axe head out of .18 and .1 aluminum with a stainless tip that interlocks with the body of the axe head underneath the 2 sideplates. It is very light and very comfortable to hold. I didnt worry too much ruining the poles as I got them dirt cheap on the clymb. I used a dremel to creat the rectangular slot in the top. I found that there was a press pin hidden below where the exposed pin was that held the strap on. A .5 inch wide tab extends into the handle about 3 inches. I will will drive the pins back in to secure it. Seems pretty rock solid so far. We will see how that goes with some use 8)

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    Wow. :clap:
    No really. It’s like a CAMP Nano and the best of what BD has to offer.

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    very very cool! nice work mate, totally agree with HansG

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    Thanks guys 🙂

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    Very cool! Anyone know if you could take the pick/grip off of the carbon whippet and take the grip off a compactor pole and do the old swappy swap? Are they just glued on or pinned or…?

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    The grip is glued. There was a pin in it besides the pin that holds the wrist strap, but that was to attach the string that stops the top section from dropping out of the handle section. I am pretty sure you would destroy the grip trying to take it off.

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