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    I’m going over to the North Tahoe area the week after Thanksgiving for a day of resort riding and then a day of touring. I’m looking for a place to crash in the back of my truck. Anyone have some advice where I can park without being harassed? Are there any lots at the resorts for overnight parking like in Washington St?

    I’m thinking of Sugar Bowl because I’m going alone and the touring can then be in-bounce. They have a cheap uphill ticket that will help me get my legs under me after sitting out for a long time. Hope I remember how to ride!

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    More options on the south shore. But I can tell you from experience I have crashed in my truck at the north shore casinos. Cbc or crystal bay club usually has pretty good entertainment and a free parking garage

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    Yeah, the casinos are a good choice if you’re in that area, usually a few campers in the upper lot at the Biltmore. Squaw allows overnight parking in the little pullout across the road from the main lot. They might have some info on their website. Not sure about Sugar Bowl, but if that’s the area you want to be in the rest stop on 80 would work.

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    if you’re self contained in your truck you can get a sno park day pass and sleep at the blackwood canyon snopark near Tahoe city.

    I’ve heard that you’re not allowed to overnight in the snoparks on 80 at donner summit, but may be worth the gamble.

    one good spot could be the boreal lot or the parking area down the road east from boreal where people park for the condo and to access castle peak.

    sugar bowl may be lax about overnight parking/camping but I’ve never camped there.

    gonna be a good weekend. have fun sketchy

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    I bet you could park in a corner of the lot for the Clair Tappaan Lodge and no one would bother you. It seems more likely you would get booted from the SB parking lot

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    The overnight parking at SugarBowl is on the road near the old lodge and underground parking area. Ive seen campers out there in the past so I don’t think it would be an issue. When you pull up just ask one of the guys directing traffic if need be. Otherwise the pull out across the road from Clair Tappaan should be fine as well.

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    great idea wjb, that’s probably your best bet sketchy

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! That last one about parking at CT seems to be the best idea yet. I’m really looking forward to a great season this year, hope to catch up with a bunch of you guys soon.

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