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    I have two splitboards – one standard width, and one narrower “womens” board. I just ordered Ibex crampons to go with my Sparks. Sized them to the larger board which is more for full on touring whereas the other one I use for side country. Had a multi-day trip last season where I was wishing for crampons over and over again, so not starting this season without them.

    Wondering what I’m getting into if I ever opt to use the crampons on the narrower board – any one tried that before?

    Again, it may be rare that I use the smaller board for a long tour where I’d need crampons, but I’m looking for a glimpse into what I may be getting myself into if I opt to use them. I’m fine with getting narrower crampons but have to order from the states and deal with customs and border crap.

    Each crampon is a little less than 1cm wider than the small board in ski mode.

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    I wouldn’t see any major issue with 1cm wider. You may get a slight bit of play side to side and find it slightly harder to edge them as a perfect setup, but that is all I would expect. My girlfriend used 110cm wide dynafit crampons on her 90cm wide skis for a bit, and while not ideal still worked just fine (just a bit clunkier). Now I know spark is designed slightly differently, so I would check at the house you can’t slide them off on the side while compressed down, i.e. what would happen potentially in the field. That would be what I would be most concerned about.

    If you really want the absolute right answer, I would recommend emailing Spark.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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