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    …plus a concussion, a sprained MCL, a trip to Denver strapped to a backboard inside an ambulance, under armour and Mountain Hardware vest cut to pieces by anxious interns, a 6 hour ER visit, a CT scan, two separate blood draws, a bottle of Percocet, and explaining to 25 different people exactly what I did, and having them all tell me how lucky I was to be alive.

    At least the splitboard came out unscratched!

    Full Report Here

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    I nominate your helmet pick as Mumbles 50 dollar photo contest winner. Any chances someone got a shot of you on the backboard wearing the old “C” collar?

    Seriously though..glad you made it out ok. But you do need to get a new helmet and try the same jump next weekend

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    Apparantly there is a whole disposable camera somewhere with footage of the jump and the aftermath. We just need to get it developed old-fashioned style.

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    Fuggin’ terrain parks. They can be a blast, but there are no powder landings…

    Glad to hear you’ll survive. Your blog made it sound horrible.

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    Glad you survived. Next time, chose a helmet which is not made in China!

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    Wow – having just gotten my Wilderness First Responder last week, I totally understand why those guys on the hill were so worried about you. I’m glad everything turned out well. You should post the helmet pics up on ttips, where some of those old hippies continue to debate whether this newfangled helmet fad has any merit.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Thank god for helmets….. Not like I really needed much motivation to stay off the big tables in the terrain park, but the photos of your helmet help…

    I like the comment when they saw the beacon… Quality….

    Glad to hear you’ll bounce back okay…. Heal up soon, and save those percosets for when you need it… and make sure you get any refills you can… 😉


    Greg - NoKnees

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    Glad to hear you are ok – having some flashbacks from my last terrain park experience (overshot landing) – I gave them up after that.

    So, is there some debate about helmets – I have that same one. Maybe I’ll do a little search on ttips. But it kind of seems like the helmet worked well and maybe there was just some really massive force. The fact that you are doing ok makes it seem like an endorsement for the helmet.

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    Just looking at the helmet, it is a “crush” model. So it was meant to take the force of a major impact once and be done. Looks like it did it’s job admirably.

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    Sounds like a hell of an ordeal. I’m glad you seem to be okay and that one impact helmet served you admirably. Find that disposable camera.

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    @killclimbz wrote:

    Just looking at the helmet, it is a “crush” model. So it was meant to take the force of a major impact once and be done. Looks like it did it’s job admirably.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t ALL ski and snowboard helmets “crush” or “one impact” models? Just like motorcycle helmets?

    I emailed the pics to Smith on Monday and asked them if they had a policy for replacement (since it DID work correctly and I would wear the same helmet again). I still haven’t heard back from them.

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    No, some are rated for multiple impact. If a multiple impact helmet takes a shot like that, most recommend you retire the helmet or get it inspected.

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    I don’t know much about different snowsports models, but I do know it’s similar to climbing helmets. Some climbing helmets are “sport climbing” models and have the same construction of a plastic shell around foam. Others are “expedition” types and are not made to fracture as part of their energy absorption mechanism. My impression is that the fracturing absorbs more energy than helmets can with other designs, which is one reason you see bike and motorcycle helmets made this way. On the other hand, you don’t want to be 5 days into the mountains, and get your helmet shattered, leaving you protectionless for the 5 days you’re trying to get back out… I believe Camp’s new snowsports/climbing dual-certified helmet is made of foam, fYI.

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    Send it to!
    Glad to hear that you didn’t split your head too …

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    call the manufacturer and get an RA # that looks like a warranty issue to me 😉

    affix snow
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    Glad you’re ok!

    Heal up dood!!!

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    Wow. Good to hear you’re ok, man.

    Your buddy Brian has a sick sense of humor, eh?

    luca_brasi on his personal site wrote:
    I don’t know if I agreed to take an ambulance or not, but soon I was strapped to a backboard and loaded up. Right before I left, Brian showed me the accident report he filled out. On it was a picture of a stick man with a cloud saying “I’m going big!â€
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    All bike helmets are made to do the same thing, Usually the co. will sell you a new helmet at a crash repl. cost (usually less than half the og cost)
    I have a few from my uscf racing days that look like that from hitting the pavement at 30+ mph so you must have hit pretty fricken hard on that snow!!! 😯
    Love the quote”I dont know if I agreed to take a ambulance ride or not”
    If you cant remember its probally a good thing you took the ride!

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    Smith responded to me, and said I can take it to a participating dealer and get 30% off a new helmet. Cool. Sad thing is, it was hard enough to find that style helmet in this valley, and I’m sure it will be even harder now that it is the end of the season.

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    damn boy, that is some serious impact. Was just getting over a monthlong flu about 3 weeks ago and decided I was ready enough to go out for a couple hours on my lunch break. Couldn’t resist the big boy booters either, but when I went off the first one I was a little on my toes and proceeded to flail like a rag doll for a couple seconds in the air. I managed to get my board under me just barely and landed on my toe edge…which immediately shot out and all the impact came down on my shoulder…..luckily I just separated it. Glad to hear your doing alright, so the big question is: you going to get your revenge on that jump?

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