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    What is your all-time Pow-Slaying Weapon (powder specific snowboard or splitboard) to ride deep-pow? Got some pics of you and your pow-weapon in the goods?

    Just picked up two 09/10 Venture Euphoria snowboards. Also ride a Nitro Retro Swallowtail and Burton Fish. I really like the Prior Fissile. I thought about purchasing the Fissle at REI for 64% discount, but purchased a K2 splitboard, for my wife instead (her first split).

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    I am also interested to hear some thoughts on pow sticks. Will be shopping my first powder board this summer. Help a brotha out! Quick and nimble for the east coast trees. Had a used premier t5 lined up but they backed out. Might be nice to go newer anyway.

    Leaning towards a venture storm. Also like the powder jet as a swallowtail.

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    I have had the joy of riding a Burton Fish 156 solid, Burton Fish 160 solid, Prior Khyber 160 solids (regular camber and hybrid camber–I thought that the hybrid camber was a tad squirrely at first), Venture Storm 165 splitboard, Venture Storm 166 solid, Jones Hovercraft 160 solid, and I just purchased a Chimera Unicorn Chaser 161 splitboard ( weigh about 200 lbs without gear). As you can guess from that list, I really like the pintail/highly tapered shape—it works really well in the very tight tress I encounter on a South Lake Tahoe slope that I hit on a regular basis. I am not nearly as qualified to comment on board characteristics as others, but I have really enjoyed riding every single one of the boards listed above. I initially was attracted to pintails in my early years—and the ease of turn initiation was the big draw. Not that I am a bit more experienced, ease of turn initiation is not really an issue but I am still drawn to pintails/highly tapered boards simply because I enjoy riding them–and I tend to like a rear weight biased stance on a board. I do prefer my Ventures for more open terrain, where I like having a more substantial tail—-and I think the Ventures are really quite nice in powder and tightish trees (although I think the Hovercraft floats/turns a bit better for me). I am also quite open to the idea of a board with a shallower sidecut–and I look forward to giving something like a Furberg a whirl. However, my grin factor is still quite high when making slashing turns in tight trees on a pintail. I am also more comfortable on a pintail in really tight tress (where I ride a bit slower and appreciate the additional nose floatation—I feel I need more speed to get the Venture up on plane in deep snow. I have been quite impressed with the nimbleness and floatation of the Hovercraft in deep powder—it really is a very sweet board in deep powder and does a good job after the fresh powder has been devoured by the locusts. I haven’t ridden the Unicorn Chaser yet–I will be waiting until next season to give it a whirl—but I anticipate that it will also be a very nimble board with great flotation—I think it is going to be a fun one!!

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    banana hammock…

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    Sweet photo Stein!

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    In the Kootenays Pow-Slayer = Everyday ride. :thatrocks:

    That was Pontus

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    furberg 173 DIY split with carbon fiber inner sidewall. This board is definitely a sweet pow ride. Not for super slow speeds though.

    My Venture Storm is no slouch in the pow, but the furberg is on another planet from more “normal” boards. I could not get away with a full reverse/reverse around here (like the new Euphoria) as there are usually packed out tracks to follow.

    802: if you are riding the VT woods, I would suggest more of one of the highly tapered type boards (especially the Chimera Unicorn Chaser) for your riding. I have ridden the backcountry on Mt Mansfield, and the super nimble turning, and lower speed envelope of the highly tapered boards suits the very tight and techy terrain there well. The Storm does a little better with a little more speed, and in a bit bigger spaces.

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    Thanks Barrows. I got my zephyr this year and I can’t for see being able to purchase another split in the next year or two. I know you don’t ride a lot of solids, but what would you suggest? We do split mansfield. The zephyr wasn’t the best choice, but I shutup and make it work and have a blast doing it. Pretty jealous of the misses’ brandywine, she makes it look effortless. Anyway I don’t ride at Stowe, refuse to pay 90 beans for lift service, but Smuggs’ terrain is very similiar. Very tight, very steep, and very deep from time to time.

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    I would choose one of the high taper pintail type boards for that terrain. Lib Tech Mullet, Burton Fish, Prior Khyber, Jones Hovercraft, etc. Any of those boards with around 2 cm of taper a well set back stance, and a short tail.
    But really… since this is, I would say ditch the resorts all together, and put the money you will save towards a Chimera Unicorn Chaser. You guys are due for good winter next season, right (think positive)!

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    Maybe this will be the year to ditch the pass.. Good food for thought. The unicorn chaser does look pretty rad.

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    I’ve been told by a fellow Vermonter that the NS Raptor is the best powder board he has ever ridden in the trees of Vermont. I was looking at one, but I can’t afford to spend full price, and they don’t go on sale, from what I have seen.

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    Nice Summersgone. I’m really impressed with NS. We have an infinity here. It’s super quick and super light. Plus the base is very forgiving. Picked it up at a local shop at end of season for 35% off. :thumbsup:

    Let’s see some white rooms! :headbang:

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    Never Summer Summit Split here :bow:
    This thing screams for more and more powder. Effortless floating, turning, a snow nirvana :thumpsup:

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    193 Lib Tech Doughboy…but I’m in the market for a longer wider swallowtail. May just eventually have Donek build me something though, depending on how my Hazelwood Split turns out.

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    unicorn chaser!!!

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    1995 5’2″ Jamie Lynn. Fuck all

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    Rad-Air Tanker 200’s (both older camber versions and newer rockered models) are pretty much my go to boards for all of my riding. I am still contemplating splitting one of mine, and saw that Down the Middle (Monk) did this already to a tanker 187 and it looked great!

    Speed is your friend…
    Contrary to popular belief, size does matter…go big, ride a Tanker!

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    08/09 Burton No Fish (the black one).
    I only get to ride it like 5 days out of a season but soo worth it.

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